3 Best Moisture Boosting Humectants To Add To Your Deep Conditioners Right Now!

hairveda deep conditioner

As you all may know, the humid and hot months are quickly approaching, as a matter of fact it was so hot and humid today it was as if Summer came early. With that said you all know that switching up our products are of top priority and now it is time to pull out Click to continue…

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A 3 Ingredient Deep Conditioner Recipe For The Best Curls EVER!

Deep conditioner DIY

You all know if we find a cool DIY deep conditioner combination we just have to share it. So this weekend I decided I wanted to deep condition my hair with some good old Jamaican Black Castor Oil but I wanted to add something to it for extra moisture and definitely some protein. After a Click to continue…

Just A Reminder – Hot Oil Treatments Are Still Super Beneficial For All Types Of Hair

Naptural Elenore

When it comes to natural hair and women one thing we definitely cannot stand is thinning hair; then there’s lack of moisture, frizz, and stunted growth. Our natural hair is our crown and glory. Many will say “I am not my hair” however, that’s a bit of truth and a lot more of a lie, Click to continue…

2 DIY Protein Conditioner Recipes You Can Make Right Now to Strengthen Your Hair

2 DIY protein conditioner recipes

Protein is my Ace boon coon, remember when Shanice did that? Well if you are too young to know what Ace boon coon means, I will shorten it for you. Protein is my Ace, my ride or die, my everything when it comes to keeping my hair shiny, healthy and strong. My strands are fine, Click to continue…

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Back to Basics: Use a Beer Rinse for Smooth, Shiny, Stronger Hair

A Beer Rinse For Smooth Shiny Stronger Hair

Beer rinses are nothing new. I heard about them when I was a child and even remember my mother using them. They have always been a staple in hair care as far as I can remember and I know before DIY got super big a few years ago that was how many women have always Click to continue…

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3 Ways You Can Steam Your Hair Without an Overhead Bonnet Steamer


Steaming is one of the best ways to deep condition your hair because it lifts the outer layers of the hair strand, allowing for your conditioner and moisture to really moisturize and add strength to your hair, depending on what is in your product. Some of us might not want to make the investment and Click to continue…

Which Is Better Wet Deep Conditioning Or Dry Deep Conditioning?


A reader asked us the other day, which is better? Should she deep condition her hair dry or should she deep condition her hair after a fresh shampoo? In other words while her hair is wet. It’s a great question and since I am a lazy natural I have had my fair share of dry Click to continue…

The DIY Deep Conditioner For Protecting Your TWA In The Winter Weather


The temperatures are dropping in some places and you know what that means? Your hair can be affected by the harsh, cold winds of the winter even when rocking a TWA! When winter rolls around, it is time to buy those thicker consistencies of hair products and the best deep conditioners out to protect those Click to continue…

How To Deep Condition Using Regular Conditioner


At all costs we try to save money and budget, especially when it comes to hair products. We want the cheap way out, while giving our hair exactly what it needs. Let’s talk about conditioning your hair. It is an important step, right? Of course it is! This is very important, especially if your hair Click to continue…

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Should We Co-wash Or Not? The Views Of A YouTuber Vs A Licensed Trichologist


Some days ago, we talked about co-washing here, but after that I came across three YouTube videos  recently. Two were titled “Co-washing Your Hair is Unhealthy” and the other was “Stop Co-Washing Your Hair It’s Not Healthy”. Now headlines like those are sure to grab your attention, especially if you are new to healthy hair care, and you are trying to Click to continue…

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Start To Finish How To Henna Natural Hair

How to henna your natural hair

There is a salon up the street from where I live that specializes in henna. Call me the luckiest girl in the world because the thought of giving somebody 10 bucks to do all the work really appeals to me. My first henna was done by them, I have done a few glosses after that Click to continue…

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What To Do When Your Hair Isn’t Holding On To Moisture

Woman with kinky natural hair eyes closed smiling

There is a problem that is afflicting a lot of new naturals which may be affecting you too. The problem is so intricate that it causes you to go down a rabbit hole of contradicting information trying to find something that ultimately will make little difference to your hair. The problem is trying to figure Click to continue…

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Discover The Secret Of How Protein Softens Hair

How protein softens your hair 2

Because of the dry brittle nature of black hair, many women will rightly conclude that moisture is the most important factor to include in their hair regimens. While this is mostly true, the approach that you employ to gain this extra moisture could ultimately determine how long your hair eventually gets. I never fail at Click to continue…

5 Ways To Make Use Of Your Cheap Conditioners


Being smart with your natural hair products is the only way to get the best out of them in the price area. Some pricier brands are worth the extra cash but aren’t necessary for your week to week washes. Sometimes we buy those extra special hair products that cost more than we would like but Click to continue…

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What Is A Light Protein Treatment And When Do You Need One?

light and lighter protein treatments

I suppose by now most of you are aware of the importance of protein in your hair regimens. If you are not then these articles here, here and here are essential reading for you. In most of my articles I talk about hard protein treatments like Aphogee 2 Step but I would also like to address light protein treatments and their Click to continue…

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5 Signs That A Conditioner Isn’t Working For Your Hair

5 Signs That A Conditioner Isn't Working For Your Hair

So let me ask y’all a question: Have you ever been online, seen a conditioner that everyone is raving about, bought it, and even after not really digging it on the first, second and third use kept using it anyway? I have, as ashamed as I am of admitting it, I have. Now I am Click to continue…

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My 4 Best Ingredients To Look For In A Hair Conditioner

4 best ingredients for a hair conditioner 2

In a hair world where practically every product promises great things for your hair, how do you choose what’s right? The hair aisle can be a girl’s biggest nightmare because there are so many options that, left up to each company’s marketing strategies, vow to do the same thing. Getting wooed by promises of longer, Click to continue…

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Protein Shots For Your Ends To Aid In Length Retention

Black woman with long natural hair moisture in the roots protein on the ends

We run hair stories and interviews for a number of reasons; it feels great to share if you are the individual who is sharing, and it is just plain interesting to see what another person is doing with her hair, not to mention getting inspired and learning a thing or two. Well we have a Click to continue…

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