3 Ways To Safely Go From Straight To Curly After A Flat Iron

Mini Marley

When you flat iron your hair, you will have a few things happening once you are ready to wash it all and revert to curly. For one, you will have a ton of buildup from day one because of all the heat protectant you probably used, and any sort of oil or maintenance products you Click to continue…

The Top 4 Things You Need To Know About Using Your Hair Scissors

Girl holding scissors

If you’ve gone ahead and gotten a pair of professional hair scissors then there are some things you need to know about your tool. These things can make a difference in how much you get out of your scissors. How to hold hair scissors You start by ensuring the scissors are facing the correct way. Click to continue…

Buying Hair Scissors 101

Hair scissors

We know that a good trim every once in a while is great for achieving and maintaining healthy hair. Then there are those among us who are itching to get on with that big chop, or switch things up and try a cute bob or tapered cut. Whichever category you fall in you will need Click to continue…

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4 Tips You Can Use To Help You Get Comfortable With Awkward Length Hair

Get Comfortable With Awkward Length Hair

Oooh the awkward length! Many naturalistas know about this and have gone through this stage with much apprehension. The awkward length is the point where your hair is not long enough to put in a bun, but not exactly a TWA for those cute styles you used to do a few weeks after your big Click to continue…

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How To Ensure that Your Growth and Health Goals Are Maintained when Visiting a Salon Regularly

Fabu Salon

Girl, I get it! You ain’t got time to spend 50/11 hours on your hair! With the kids, the husband, school, the projects, meetings and just life….sometimes we just do not have the time. Is it too much to ask to visit a salon every week or every two weeks if we can afford it. Click to continue…

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Are You in a Styling Rut? 3 Ways You Can Fish Your Way out

high pony tail

Styling ruts are not fun, but they happen to the best of us. As a matter of fact they can sneak up on you and you wont realize you are in one until someone calls you out. “Girl let me play in your hair a bit, you always wear the same old tired bun” You Click to continue…

Nighttime Tips for Preserving Crochet Braids

crochet braids

The key to preserving any protective style is making sure that you maintain it properly, and crochet braids are no different. While Marley hair closely resembles our natural hair, it can become tangled easily, causing the look to become a little messy. If you want to stretch your crochet braids past the first month and Click to continue…

6 Ways to Get Comfortable Wearing Your Natural Hair Again after a Weave


Weaves give us the ability to try new styles without commitment and damage to our hair. Unfortunately, unless the hair is properly cared for during and after the weave has been removed, we can subject our hair to considerable damage. I have personally worked with clients that thought that their hair could never grow beyond Click to continue…

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3 Tips to Safely Remove Crochet Braids [Video]

my natural sistas

One of the easiest and most realistic looking protective styles, our crochet braids have to come out eventually just like everything else. After the hours of installation, you might be dreading removing your style because it seems like it’ll take forever to uninstall. Fortunately though, crochet braids are super quick and easy to remove. Here Click to continue…

Styling Helps for those Experiencing Postpartum Shedding

Whitney - Naptural85

So you’ve rocked voluminous fros and curls all throughout your pregnancy. Your hair was in its prime and you were on top of the world because it was just healthy and bouncy and you were in love. Now you’ve started to see bald patches, and it’s falling out at such an alarming rate that you Click to continue…

Is it possible to Brush Wet Curly Hair Successfully?

How To Brush Wet Curly Hair

The thought of brushing my hair in any state at the moment is enough to make me cringe. Will I rip out my hair? Of course! Not only is my hair dry at the moment, I am in need of some serious conditioning before I can even consider detangling at all. Believe it or not, Click to continue…

4 Ways to Successfully Transition from Heat Damaged Hair without Doing the Big Chop


If you have heat damage chances are you have a decision to make. Do you live with your damaged curls and continue to use heat so that your hair looks uniformed? Do you big chop? Or if you do not want to do any of those things what are your options? Well you do have Click to continue…

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3 Frizz Fighting Tips for Natural Hair

Woman looking at her hair

Frizz.. It happens to the best of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a cute style, and it got ruined by excessive humidity, me sweating, or steam from my shower. The truth is, frizz is a given for many curly girls, and preventing it requires A LOT of moisture. Below are Click to continue…

Our 6 Top Tips for the Perfect Roller Set

Woman in rollers

I used to get roller sets on my hair ALL the time while I had a relaxer. Every hair stylist I went to put me through the torture of sitting underneath a hair dryer for hours with big rollers in my head. Since I’ve returned to natural hair, I almost forgot about the process although Click to continue…

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10 Tips Quick Tips You Can Use to Maintain a Healthy Scalp


We often forget that the scalp is the source of healthy growth for our hair. How we treat our scalp is just as important as how we treat or strands. If you want healthy hair, you should focus on achieving healthy scalp. Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. As we know, some things are out Click to continue…

9 Helpful Ways to Keep Your Hair Frizz Free when Installing Braids


“I just got my hair braided 2 weeks ago and they are already getting frizzy!” I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this issue when getting braided extensions. I mean, it can be such a pain when you spend your money, time, and patience to sit on that uncomfortable salon chair and Click to continue…

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The Top 10 Hair Butters that Soften Natural Hair

The Top 10 Hair Butters That Soften Natural Hair

I’m sure the purists would argue that only a whipped pure hard fat like cocoa butter, shea butter or even coconut oil really qualifies as a hair butter but to most of us hair care enthusiasts, hair butters are those creamy in between products. Too thick to be considered a leave in conditioner but not quite Click to continue…

10 Tips to Follow for a Successful Crochet Braids Install

crochet braids

Crochet braids have really made a comeback more than ever and has made an impact as something that woman can do themselves. You have seen successful stories on Instagram, numerous pictures in groups on Facebook, and many pictures on Pinterest being pinned to our “styles to do” boards. We all want to know how to make this Click to continue…

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