Styling Helps for those Experiencing Postpartum Shedding

Whitney - Naptural85

So you’ve rocked voluminous fros and curls all throughout your pregnancy. Your hair was in its prime and you were on top of the world because it was just healthy and bouncy and you were in love. Now you’ve started to see bald patches, and it’s falling out at such an alarming rate that you Click to continue…

Is it possible to Brush Wet Curly Hair Successfully?

How To Brush Wet Curly Hair

The thought of brushing my hair in any state at the moment is enough to make me cringe. Will I rip out my hair? Of course! Not only is my hair dry at the moment, I am in need of some serious conditioning before I can even consider detangling at all. Believe it or not, Click to continue…

4 Ways to Successfully Transition from Heat Damaged Hair without Doing the Big Chop


If you have heat damage chances are you have a decision to make. Do you live with your damaged curls and continue to use heat so that your hair looks uniformed? Do you big chop? Or if you do not want to do any of those things what are your options? Well you do have Click to continue…

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3 Frizz Fighting Tips for Natural Hair

Woman looking at her hair

Frizz.. It happens to the best of us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a cute style, and it got ruined by excessive humidity, me sweating, or steam from my shower. The truth is, frizz is a given for many curly girls, and preventing it requires A LOT of moisture. Below are Click to continue…

Our 6 Top Tips for the Perfect Roller Set

Woman in rollers

I used to get roller sets on my hair ALL the time while I had a relaxer. Every hair stylist I went to put me through the torture of sitting underneath a hair dryer for hours with big rollers in my head. Since I’ve returned to natural hair, I almost forgot about the process although Click to continue…

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10 Tips Quick Tips You Can Use to Maintain a Healthy Scalp


We often forget that the scalp is the source of healthy growth for our hair. How we treat our scalp is just as important as how we treat or strands. If you want healthy hair, you should focus on achieving healthy scalp. Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. As we know, some things are out Click to continue…

9 Helpful Ways to Keep Your Hair Frizz Free when Installing Braids


“I just got my hair braided 2 weeks ago and they are already getting frizzy!” I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this issue when getting braided extensions. I mean, it can be such a pain when you spend your money, time, and patience to sit on that uncomfortable salon chair and Click to continue…

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The Top 10 Hair Butters that Soften Natural Hair

The Top 10 Hair Butters That Soften Natural Hair

I’m sure the purists would argue that only a whipped pure hard fat like cocoa butter, shea butter or even coconut oil really qualifies as a hair butter but to most of us hair care enthusiasts, hair butters are those creamy in between products. Too thick to be considered a leave in conditioner but not quite Click to continue…

10 Tips to Follow for a Successful Crochet Braids Install

crochet braids

Crochet braids have really made a comeback more than ever and has made an impact as something that woman can do themselves. You have seen successful stories on Instagram, numerous pictures in groups on Facebook, and many pictures on Pinterest being pinned to our “styles to do” boards. We all want to know how to make this Click to continue…

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What Science Says about Hair Growth and How Real Life Differs

science vs experience Woman with gray natural hair

Here’s a fun fact for you: a single bolt of lightning has enough energy to toast 100,000 slices of bread. Yet we continue to use fossil fuels as our main source of energy in the industrial and technological sector. Why, I hear you ask? Without going into specifics, mainly it’s because fossil fuels are more dependable, Click to continue…

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6 Tips for the Best Bantu Knot Out Ever

Bantu knots

I have been struggling with bantu knot outs since I first began my transitioning journey! Out of all of the styles I’ve tried, bantu knot outs have given me the most problems to date, and I’m sure there are a few naturalistas out there that may agree. The truth is, just like every other style, Click to continue…

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4 Protective Styling No-Nos We Need to Seriously Think About

Jumbo Twists

Protective styles are the perfect time to give our natural hair a break, and they give us the option to play with extension hair instead. However, just because protective styles are a chance to ‘protect’ our tresses, we can’t just install box braids and not touch them again for a month and a half. We Click to continue…

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Five Tips that May Limit the Wash Day Stress for Your Toddler

baby sticking tongue out

For some of us, healthy hair care is a family thing that includes the children and rightly so too; for it is only through this type of re-culturing  that the next generation will develop a better understanding of the needs of our textured tresses. But trying to juggle your regimen and build a routine for Click to continue…

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Need a Trim? Here are 4 Ways to Trim Your Natural Hair

Trimming off the ends

When it comes to trimming or dusting the ends of your natural hair, things aren’t as complicated as they might seem. Sure your hair is delicate and doesn’t lay in one direction, but the rules for trimming naturally curly and kinky hair are not too much different from trimming hair that’s straight. Fortunately for you Click to continue…

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How to Stop Hair Line and Root Damage Due to Protective Styles

Black woman showing missing parts of hair

As amazing as protective styles are it can be difficult to keep the roots of your hair including your hair line and edges free of damage after the install when it is not done properly. Your only option will be to remove the style and nurse your hair back to health. We have all heard Click to continue…

4 Natural Hair Softener Recipes and Products that Every Girl Should Know

4 Natural Hair Softener Recipes And Products

Although natural kinks and curls are gorgeous, some naturalistas like to take advantage of the cooler months by flat ironing or pressing their hair. There’s nothing better than stepping out of the house with freshly flat ironed hair whipping in the wind, making you feel glamorous. For many of us however, after an hour or Click to continue…

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How to Remove that Shine From Your Synthetic Wig Using 2 Odd Ingredients


This is pretty neat! You have heard of just using Talc (baby powder) to dull a wig’s unwanted shine, but this method takes a little more time. Here, you will use fabric softener and talc. You can stop passing up those cute, synthetic wigs you find in the hair stores or those cosplay wigs you find online. Click to continue…

6 Simple and Realistic Goals You Can Set for Your Hair in 2015


Making goals each year is a good thing because it gives you something to look forward to and a challenge to overcome and making plans to obtain those goals gives your goals heart, meaning and life. We all have goals and most of us here have hair goals but if you have nothing but an Click to continue…

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