6 Ways To Triumph Over Self Esteem Hair Issues

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Honestly I can’t believe I didn’t take the time to learn about my hair until now. You see, after I big chopped in April of 2012 I began wearing wigs. I wore wigs because I couldn’t adjust immediately to short hair because I had sported long hair for most of my life. Another reason was Click to continue…

Do You Take Your Bonnet Off For Your Man? – 4 Ways To Deal With Bonnet Issues


You’ve been wrapping your hair up for years. Your momma wrapped you and your sister’s hair, your grandmama wrapped up your momma’s hair, and many, many women before that in your family have been wrapping their hair. Wrapping your hair up at night is literally “tradition”. Whether you use a bonnet, scarf, or satin pillow case, you Click to continue…

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How To Teach Your Daughter To Care For Her Own Hair

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There are women that say they learned how to do their hair when they were 10 and have been doing their own hair ever since. There are others who have always gone to get their hair done and have not cared for their own hair before. Then you have the women who have just started Click to continue…

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How To Choose The Right Flat Iron For You

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When choosing the right flat iron for you and your hair, it is very important that you consider your hair type. We often aim to to buy “professional” flat irons with the most sophisticated and up to date technology to provide the best styling. A professional flat iron usually offers temperature control and more consistent Click to continue…

4 Steps To Evaluate And Treat Your Hair Like A Professional!


When a client sits in a professional’s chair for the first time an evaluation is done to determine the health of the client’s hair and scalp. During this time most professionals will ask the clients questions about her hair’s condition and the products currently used. In the old days, the professional would keep a card Click to continue…

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Whats The Scoop On A Good Leave In? – How To Choose The Best Leave In Conditioner For You

Leave in

  Finding a good leave in can be frustrating for some. A good leave in has the ability to condition as well as moisturize the hair and with that said, the leave in should allow you to style your hair or maintain a style already installed. The first approach is to carefully consider both your Click to continue…

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3 Must Have Product Types for Women With Fine Hair

3 Must Have Product Types For Fine Hair

Fine haired ladies must take exceptional care when choosing hair products. This is because heavy products will build up more on fine strands and tend to leave a film weighing it down which may lead to breakage. Heavy product use can also cause individual hairs to fuse together causing unnecessary stress on the strands as you Click to continue…

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3 Tips For A Successful Salon Trip


To be perfectly honest with you, I practically had no idea how to care for my hair until I started my natural hair journey. Before then, all I did was run to the salon every two weeks for a wash n’ set, and every six weeks for a touch up. Since I’ve gone natural I’ve Click to continue…

3 Instances In Your Hair Regimen When You Should Never Use An Afro Pick

Woman with afro pick

You love your pick don’t you? Of course you do, we all do. My Afro pick is in my bathroom draw ready and waiting for me whenever I need that disrespectfully big hair that proves I am the baddest B , woman in town. Like all hair tools you have to know when it is best to Click to continue…

7 Things You Need To Have Before Your First Big Chop


It is almost big chop day and you are panicking, are you ready for this? Do you have everything? What will you look like? Maybe you should just forget the whole thing and call your stylist for a relaxer. Wait just one second! Not so fast young lady, you have been back and forth on Click to continue…

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How To Naturally Spruce Up Hair Color Using Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice

So I’ve been considering natural ways to cover my grays except I wanted something natural. I started looking around at the trees in my yard and a crazy idea struck me. I checked online to see if anyone else had thought of it and that’s how I stumbled upon this little tip that you might Click to continue…

7 Natural Recipes To End Your Dandruff Woes

Dandruff woes - 7 natural recipes

Tired of that itchy, flaky nuisance on your scalp? Dandruff can make you want to go urrgh! Of course that comes after you start getting the ‘eww’ and side-eye from people who notice that the top of your coat always looks like you’ve been in a snowstorm, even in sunny weather. If you let your Click to continue…

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Care For Your Hair Based On Density And Porosity, Not The Hair Typing Chart

Care For Your Hair Based On On Density And Porosity, Not The Hair Typing Chart

  When you are new to this transitioning and natural hair game your ultimate goal is trying to figure out the best way to care for your hair while transitioning and also after you finally big chop. It is tempting to go at it based on the hair typing chart because that is typically how Click to continue…

6 Tips On How To Help Others To Go Natural

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Going natural can be a great deal for many women, especially for those who have relaxed for years. This decision can bring out lots of emotions and questions, for example: how will she look with natural hair? Is it the right decision for her lifestyle? She may be curious about how to start the natural hair Click to continue…

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5 Of The Most Important Things To Do For Healthy Hair After Giving Birth

woman with her baby

In preparation for the birth of my second child last year, I set out to find ways to keep the hair I had been growing securely on my scalp. There was no way I was going to be caught off guard by postpartum shedding; no siree! I wanted to keep as much of the lush Click to continue…

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Losing Confidence In Your Natural Hair? Try These 6 Tips To Excite You Again

Uchenna Edeh

Going back to relaxers is out of the question for many naturals. I mean, please! The creamy crack is a thing of the past, there’s no need to second guess that decision. Weeeeell that’s just until your hair decides to be very uncooperative and you have tried everything 3 times to get it to behave. Then Click to continue…

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Blind Them With Your Shine! The 4 Best Ways To Increase Sheen In Your Natural Hair

4C Natural Hair

We all have things that we associate with healthy hair: even ends, thickness, luster, softness, etc. Many of us work with our hair the best way that we know how to achieve these attributes for our hair. For me, one of the major factors of healthy hair is incredible sheen and shine and I lurve Click to continue…

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The Only Braid Out Routine You Will Ever Need To Get Your Style To Last All Week Without Re Braiding

Tenesha Locke Bailey

Do you want to perfect your braid out? I do, because it is my preferred style for texture and I just want it to last without having to start over. The thing about braid outs is that we are always tempted to re braid every night just to get the style to last all week. Click to continue…

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