10 Tips To Consider Before You Big Chop

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So you are ready to do your big chop? Read these 10 points before you pick up the scissors: 1. Do it when you are ready There is no set date on when it is best to big chop, do it when you are ready and most comfortable in your transition journey. You will know Click to continue…

Just Because Your Products Have No Expiration Date Does Not Mean They Never Go Bad


If you’re anything like me you probably have tons of hair products piled up under your sink. If not, don’t judge me! I was once a product junkie and have kept just about everything! On my last wash day as I was reaching for one of my many stylers, I passed over a few items Click to continue…

4 Hair Hacks For An Impromptu Sleepover

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So it’s late and you and your guy are wrapping up a Netflix and chill evening and you have decided to stay the night. Only problem is you’re a natural on your healthy hair journey and you obviously didn’t think to bring your hair necessities. Fail!? Not at all. You can make it work with Click to continue…

3 Things To Consider When Buying Hair Extensions


You take pride in your hair extensions, I know because I do! We all want the best of the best even within a certain budget. Whether you are buying virgin hair or processed hair extensions, there are certain things you should pay attention to before purchasing. If you have the money to blow on the Click to continue…

Thou Shall Embrace The Awkward Hair Stage


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Going natural and watching your hair grow is awesome! One of the biggest rewards is looking back on old photos and seeing how your fro has blossomed. However, once you hit that awkward stage it’s like eeekk! Your hair is at a length where your twist outs are not coming out like they once did Click to continue…

Tips For Preventing, Removing And Treating Split Ends


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Split ends — it’s a problem that we all have to face at some point in time, and what we decide to do when they rear their ugly head is crucial. Ever since I’ve returned natural, I threw out all worries about trimming my hair, simply because my focus was on length retention. My hair Click to continue…

“I Can’t Believe They Hate My Natural Hair!” – How to Deal with Natural Hair Opposition

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When making the decision to go natural if you thought your only struggle was going to be figuring out how to tame your coils and mastering a twist out you’re wrong! Naturals everyday are dealing with societal issues of opposition towards natural hair. And I’m one of them. Unfortunately, many times the main source of Click to continue…

4 Invaluable Tips To Remember When Caring For Your Weave This Summer

Summer Weave Tips1

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Can someone pass me an ice-cold lemonade and a mobile air conditioning unit? I’m burning up and that is no joke. It has been extremely hot this Summer and the humidity is literally unbearable. What’s worse is that you still want to look cute despite the humidity, but your weave has other plans. Weaves are Click to continue…

5 Tips You Can Use If You Want To Become A Frugal Natural

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When I first started my journey to natural I was so excited and became a product junkie quickly. For one, I wasn’t sure which products worked best for my hair. Before I knew it I was spending $100s on hair products! The crazy part is that you can become a product junkie at any point Click to continue…

4 Natural Hair Apps That You Need To Download Today!

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We love our APPS! How many times do you have to force yourself to put away your phone when you are out somewhere or when you need to be paying attention to something important. Listen, I am techie myself so I get the value of technology and I really love my apps. I can easily Click to continue…

6 Tips For A Voluminous Wash n Go


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Even with my tight coils and all of my shrinkage, I’m a wash n go type of girl. It’s so easy to just hop in the shower, wash my hair, add some product, and get out of the door. But, like many other ladies, my hair is very fine, so if I don’t tweak my Click to continue…

4 Tips for Beach Ready Natural Hair

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When I think of summer, the beach is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Ever since I was a child, the beach was my favorite place to go – where else can you lay out in the sand and listen to the waves crashing? As much as I love the beach though, it’s Click to continue…

5 Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Natural Hair Journey

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So you’ve made the decision to “go Natural!” Whether you decided to big chop or you’re transitioning, the beginning stages of your natural hair journey will be LONG. Tough for some and a bit easier for others. You look at photos on instagram or pinterest and you’re so excited in the beginning and just want Click to continue…

4 Tips For A Hassle-Free Wash Day

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My wash days and I have a love and hate relationship. They either go smoothly or have me wishing I would have gone to a salon to have someone else deal with my hair. I would become frustrated with my hair if things were not going as planned. As a result I would begin to Click to continue…

Is Your Hair Care Regimen Too Expensive? 4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Hair Care

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So you quit going to the salon and started doing your own hair with the thought that you might actually save more money than you ever have before. But then you look at your bank statement at the end of the month and realize that you are still spending just a much if not more Click to continue…

3 Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Hair Journey

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Are you in a rut in your hair journey? Do you feel like it’s getting boring, or it’s too hard and you’d like to give up? I’ve been there before. After the honeymoon period of starting a hair journey, and wanting to learn anything and everything about our hair, we can get stuck into a Click to continue…

Consider Revisiting Your Old Hair Products

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I have had my fair share of products that have seemed to have been a complete disaster the first time I tried them. I like to trust that my hair knows best, but it has been known to play tricks on me time and time again. Some reactions my hair has had to certain products, Click to continue…

Why You Should Not Hop on Product Bandwagons


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Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Remember when the Tangle Teezer first hit the market and it was all the rave around town? How about when eco styler swept across your Youtube subscription pages as a staple for doing a wash n’ go? Seems like ages ago, right? Healthy hair practices have Click to continue…

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