Mini Buns Inspired By Marc Jacobs??- My Solution To The Cultural Appropriation Problem In The Hair Industry

bantu knots

I was on Instagram today and saw the above picture posted by the lovely ladies over at My Natural Sistas. I try not to get upset over these things because on one hand I know for a fact that Marc Jacobs will never in a million years give Africans any credit for any style inspiration Click to continue…

Does Long Hair Still Mean Empowerment? – The History Of The “Long Hair Perception”

Long hair

Remember the very first time when your mom felt that you had ‘come of age’, and she finally used the hot comb to straighten your natural locks? This was like exploring brand new territory or completing your initiation into womanhood. That was much different from the days when we draped towels over our head, pretending Click to continue…

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5 Hair Tips that Simply Do Not Work For Everyone

Tips that do not work

I really appreciate natural hair bloggers who understand that not all curls are created equal. In their posts, they make sure to identify the type, texture, density and porosity of their hair, so as to not lead anyone astray. Anyone who has been unsuccessful in imitating another person’s hair tutorial knows that there is a Click to continue…

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Let’s Put This To Rest – Are Keratin Treatments Really Cheating On Being Natural?

Keratin Treatment

Natural hair is such a vague term that it sometimes causes unnecessary debates between Naturalistas in the natural hair community. For some, natural hair means the freedom to wear one’s hair in a variety of hairstyles without the need for a relaxer. Whereas for others, it means only using natural products and only wearing their Click to continue…

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8 Things Men Who Have Women With Natural Hair Need To Know

Fros and Beaus

I read an article recently where a naturalista felt that it was important to let her man know what to expect when dating, getting married to, or gaining interest in a woman with natural hair. Recently I went into my bathroom and saw my expensive $9.99 conditioner, half empty and to add insult to injury Click to continue…

There Is An Obligation Of Honesty When You Are On A Natural Hair Journey – My Thoughts On Natural Hair “Influencers”

girl in a field

When I decided to go back to being natural, it wasn’t an easy decision to make. The process was an intimidating one for me and for many young women who decide to transition, especially if you have worn chemically relaxed hair for a number of years. There are many of us who found that it’s not Click to continue…

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Does Praying For Long Hair Work?

Woman with praying hands

Yep! I can already imagine that some persons will roll their eyes at the title for only a quack would really come out and say prayer helps grow hair; right? I get it. Prayer is something that is fast becoming one of those topics you don’t touch with a long stick because some think it Click to continue…

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Hair Relaxers Linked To High Uterine Fibroid Risks Among Black Women? Unlikely


No doubt some of you have experienced a love-hate relationship with relaxers. They have been demonized but perhaps nothing has been more scathing than the Boston University study back in 2012 that linked hair relaxers to high uterine fibroid risk among black women. Over the years the relaxer has become quite a mainstay in the black community as Click to continue…

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Women Duped By ‘Study’ On Satire Site Showing That Naturals Have Low Self Esteem – How Has Your Natural Experience Been?


The other day a satirical site called NewsNerd posted some foolishness on their openly satirical site about naturals having lower self esteem in comparison to women with processed hair. For a site that publishes articles claiming that Laverne Fox has been cast to play Beyonce in a biopic, we didn’t think that anyone would fall Click to continue…

Natural Colored Hair YouTuber Nefertiti Bourne Goes Bald

Nefertiti Bourne

I was on YouTube a few hours ago looking for a video from the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Album to post, and Nefertiti’s video caught my eye. She was in my feed and it said she cut all of her colored “blue green mermaid hair” off. I was shocked! But then again I am always shocked Click to continue…

Would You Ever Pay $150.00 For A Hair Product?


The other day I was reading a blog post about Kerastase Chronologiste. Truthfully the product sounds awesome, but before I even get into that, the treatment alone costs $150.00. Yes you read that right, I did not accidentally add an extra ‘0’, it literally costs a buck 50! Now let me not come on here Click to continue…

4 Things Stylists Wish That We Would Stop Doing To Our Hair


I know you know that the salon business is a huge one. Salons aren’t going anywhere and even though the idea of the around-the-way stylist seems like it is diminishing, I don’t see that concept going anywhere either. I love going to the salon like many of us do. The idea of someone massaging my Click to continue…

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The Truth About Your Favorite Hair Guru: 3 Tips On How You Can Become Your Own Guru

natural hair gurus

Hair care does not have to be so difficult.  In fact, hair care should be as simple as eating pie. Seriously, when you first start on a specific hair journey, everything is so new and you’re like a sponge that will soak up anything and everything that will cater to your hair needs. You watch YouTube Click to continue…

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Umm…Say What Now? WEN Cleansing Conditioner Causing People’s Hair to Fall Out


Did you guys hear about this shenanigans? My first reaction was utter shock, for some reason even though I never purchased not one bottle of this stuff I held the line in the highest regard. Then my second reaction was, how? What in the world could they have in that stuff that could cause massive Click to continue…

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6 Interesting Ways Female Inmates Take Care of Their Hair while in Prison

Crazy Eyes

Do you watch Lock Up? I know I am about to show how boring my Saturday nights are by the time I am done with this post, but I am not ashamed, we all can’t ‘turn up’ in the true sense of the words. My turn up is on the couch with my laptop along Click to continue…

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Shea Moisture Under Fire for Their Latest Ad Campaign Featuring a White Child

Shea Moisture Ad

Have ya’ll heard? Twitter has been going ham on Shea Moisture, calling for world wide boycott because the new ad campaign used by the company featured a white child (see above). Now, I am going to keep it all the way real and tell you there is no way in the world I am boycotting Click to continue…

3 Reasons Some People Doubt that Black Women Can Have Long Hair without a Weave


Have you ever been weaved checked? To be honest, I haven’t, but I know a few people in my own family and circles who have. Even here on our social media outlets, if we post a picture of a black woman with very long hair there will be without a doubt one person that says Click to continue…

Overall Health for the Best Hair Should Be Your Mantra this Year

two women jogging

I am on a serious health journey this year, I am talking about whole foods, nothing processed and a ton of exercise. My water could be a bit better, because Lord knows I do not feel like drinking a gallon of anything cold when it is 10 degrees outside. With every journey things aren’t perfect Click to continue…

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