Curlkit Gets In Hot Water For Including Kardashian Hair Products In Their September Box

curlkit and kardashian

How many of you subscribe to any of the subscription box services for hair products? The concept that was  introduced to us by CurlBox was pretty brilliant. You could get full size products as well as samples of hair products all for a small monthly investment. Curlkit joined the craze early in the game and Click to continue…

Where Is It Ok To Be Black? – A Woman Gets Written Up For Having ‘Ethnic’ Styled Hair


I saw this post on Instagram today, it was posted by livey_j who saw it on on her Facebook page. To be honest we talk about this all the time because there has been more than one occasion where a child or an adult has been discriminated against because of their hair. We have even Click to continue…

Why I Stopped Washing My Hair In The Shower

Woman in a shower

Who washes their hair in the shower? *raises hand* I have done it all the time in the past. Not much can beat the relaxing feeling of a steamy hot shower. It feels great on our bodies and a long hot shower is sometimes all you need to relax. It is also really convenient to Click to continue…

Stay In Your Natural Hair Lane, Know Your Limits and Quit Obsessing Over Your Hair

girl on a bus

Sometimes a girl just needs a good old hair lecture. Someone to sit us down and tell us to literally chill out, and stop being so obsessive over what our hair does or is not doing. I came across the below video a few days ago and even though I am five years in the Click to continue…

I Am Still Skeptical About Heat Protectant – Watch Why One Woman Refuses To Use One

sistah with real hair on youtube

Prior to my healthy hair journey I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as heat protectant for hair, and to be honest, I’m still puzzled by it. Sure I understand the need for such a thing but there are a few things that just don’t seem to add up about this heat Click to continue…

What I Learned About Hair Care From My Friend Who Wears Hijab


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I do not know many women who wear hijabs but the one woman I knew, I met when I first entered University. Call me closed minded because that is just what I was when we first spoke to each other. She was different like many things were on my first day, my first week, my Click to continue…

Allure Magazine Created A Guide To White Women On How To Make An Afro Causing Social Media Fire Storm

Allure Magazine

Do not chase me off your time lines and blog feeds yet. I know you are tired of reading about this, I know you find these stories laughable with a tinge of disgust and slight bitterness. Allure magazine thought it would be interesting to do a tutorial in their current issue of the magazine for Click to continue…

Should The Hair Community Keep Silent On Issues of Racial Profiling And Police Brutality?


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We’ve seen the cases of brutality and injustice towards the black community increase daily with a fervor this generation has never experienced before. Who would have thought that in this century touted as the ‘new age’ we would see black churches burning, law enforcement gunning us down in cold blood and white supremacists executing our Click to continue…

That time I Went To work And Got Hair Fondled By A Co-worker


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Hearing stories like this from other women on a hair journey, my first thought is: people really have some nerve. I mean you would hope these stories are just myths, but no ma’m they really do happen. When I had such an experience, I was not entirely sure what just happened. Did she really? Did Click to continue…

Never Let A Stylist Pressure You Into Something You Do Not Want – My Quick Weave Disaster

A woman with crazy hair

A trip to the hair salon is supposed to be an exciting experience. Especially for someone who only goes every once in a while for a needed spruce up and/or change. In the past 10 years I’ve only made about 6 trips to a salon which says a lot. So when I went to a Click to continue…

Rachel Dolezal Says She Is “Doing Braids And Weaves To Make Ends Meet”

Rachel Dolezal

Since the story broke about the white woman who identifies as black working as a leader in one of the most prestigious black organizations the N.A.A.C.P, most of have found it hard to wrap our heads around Rachel Dolezal. Despite how we might feel, her life is still pretty much the same, she is a Click to continue…

Amandla Stenberg Calls Out Kylie Jenner For Her Cornrows And We Think That Was A Waste Of Time


I have been talking about Kylie Jenner a lot, I mean twice in a week, what is wrong with me? The last post we did we talked about Kylie and her new extension line and the post was pretty much out of good fun however this time the topic is a little bit more serious. Click to continue…

Are Salons More Respectful Of Your Time Now Than It Used To Be Back In The Day?

Kristin Eweka and Sharisse Hunt

I read an article recently that was about how black salons have failed black women and I couldn’t help but think back to 08 or even the old days when I used to go to the salon regularly and remember how I was failed myself. Here is an excerpt so that you can see what Click to continue…

“I Am Not Comfortable Rocking A Fro At Work” – Determining Personal Hair Styles At Work

working black woman

As I’m transitioning into working full-time, I wanted to find alternative ways to wear my natural tresses. Rocking a big ‘fro in the workplace every day isn’t something that I feel entirely comfortable with. It was cool on the college campus because it’s more of a relaxed environment. Plus, the newbies needed to see us Click to continue…

Teen Vogue’s Senegalese Twist Editorial Causes Uproar + 8 Times White Media Co-opted Black Trends #culturalappropriation


Is it too much to ask that media, magazines, editorial shoots, public forums and people taking our money to be even slightly diverse, inclusive or even fair? Teen Vogue is in hot water because as many have pointed out on Twitter they had the nerve to do a Senegalese Twist editorial that featured hardly/not even Click to continue…

What Makes A Hairstyle Ghetto?

FKA Twigs

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I’ve seen it countless times; people bashing hairstyles they would not wear, hairstyles regarded as outlandish. Just check social media and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Why can’t some of these hairstyles just be regarded as creative? Why does someone have to be regarded as a hoodrat when they dare to think outside of Click to continue…

Vogue Says “North West’s Curly Styles Are Inspiring A Generation Of Natural Hair Girls” – 3 Reasons We Should Not Be Mad

North West

Over the years Vogue has been known to have some pretty questionable, racially biased and down right crazy articles. On the other hand they are not reprimanded everyday so they also have some great articles as well. As we navigate this world of opinion sometimes you have to think about what you put your energy Click to continue…

Let Us Take One Last Critical Look At This – Are Extensions On Children A Form of Child Abuse?


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After reading a recent post about a mother who received back lash from concerned parents and citizens on social media for installing faux locs on her daughter’s hair, I couldn’t help but wonder when a simple hairstyle which is loved by many suddenly became abusive. I mean, is it child abuse because faux locs is Click to continue…

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