Cheap Hair Hack To Mimic A Hooded Dryer


Ever since I began my natural hair journey, I’ve mostly stayed away from all kinds of heat. I had this old hooded dryer since the 90s, and after a dozen near death experiences, I decided it had to go. Does this mean I need to buy a new hooded dryer or even go to the Click to continue…

How To Get Away With Trimming Your Natural Hair Only Twice a Year

Nikishia of urban bush babes

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I’m confident that a lot of you can get away with only trimming your hair every six months because I have gone without a single trim since I first started my transition at the end of 2008. Whether you’re returning natural without doing the big chop or have a TWA and would like to retain Click to continue…

3 Quirky Things That We Have Noticed About the Natural Hair Community

black hair care

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are certain little nuances within the natural hair community that are just absolutely funny. Then there are those things that are a little questionable, those things that cause people to pause and go “Wait, what?” Here are three of the quirky things about the natural hair community that Click to continue…

How To Wear Hair Jewelry On Natural Hair

hair jewelery

Girl I just got my life with this video because hair jewelry is everything to me, but I have been too scared to rock it. Why? My hair is super duper fine and if any of those pointy parts got stuck in my hair it would be almost impossible to untangle my hair without snapping Click to continue…

Our Hair History – A Video Tracing The Evolution Of Black Hair Through The Ages

Our hair history

Ladies whenever we have a great find we have to share it. You all know and love Youtuber Chime Edwards right? Well if you have not seen her video where she went through in detail the history of black hair, please read this post and watch it below. We have tackled hair history before, we Click to continue…

5 Things You Can Do When You Are Beyond Frustrated With Your Hair

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So you’ve been natural for a few years and you think you’ve got things under control, right? Well, that may ring true for some folks; but other naturalistas may still be struggling with hair care practices only to discover their frustrations have increased ten-fold. Here are 5 things you can do when you’re frustrated beyond Click to continue…

Please Stop Describing Your Hair As ‘Hard’, Your Hair Is Coarse And Dense

woman with a fro

If I hear one more person tell me that their hair is hard I think I might give them a mini rant. Natural hair has been described as hard for many years which is always strange to me because in my experience I have not felt one head that reminded me of a piece of Click to continue…

The Shine Controversy: Does Shiny Hair Mean Healthy Hair?


It has always been said that the amount of shine your hair has determines whether your hair is healthy, but could this be entirely true? We must admit that in some instances when your hair is naturally shiny you will also find that the cuticles are laid flat, your hair feels smooth and soft and Click to continue…

The Natural Hair Movement Sure Has Come A Long Way But Where Did It Begin?

The natural hair movement past and present

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  Since I’ve been natural for 2 years, I’ve never really thought about the history of natural hair. I was simply enjoying my kinky roots since I became natural. But for a while now, I realized that there is a root to all things natural and I have been wondering: how did the natural hair Click to continue…

What Is Your Natural Hair Mantra?

Natural Girls Rock

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Everyone has that one thing that drives them? The thing to live by or the thing that keeps us going on a journey. It isn’t often that we talk about the thought process behind going natural or the psychology that drives the notion of being natural. In one of my natural hair groups today one Click to continue…

4 Reasons Why I Love My Type 4 Hair

i love my type 4 hair

Do you have type 4 hair? I do! Can I level with you guys a bit? When I was a little girl I used to hate my hair, I had no appreciation for it, I did not like the fact that it was fluffy or kinky as we call it now. Where I am from Click to continue…

6 Bad Hair Habits Every Natural Should Stop Now

6 Bad Hair Habits Every Natural Should Stop Now

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You are natural now and with this journey you are going to go through trials and errors you can’t even imagine. You are excited that now your hair is creamy crack free then soon you realize that there is a multitude of methods, techniques, tools, products, regimens to making your natural journey work for you and to be successful at it. Click to continue…

4 Natural Hair Hacks for the College Curly Girl

College Curly

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College- one of the best and also most stressful times in our lives. In between studying and class, there’s almost no time for anything else. Being in college can be especially difficult if you are in the beginning stages of a natural hair journey. If your school is on a campus removed from different stores, Click to continue…

3 Ways to Prevent Single Strand Knots

Single Strand Knots

Single strand knots (also known as SSKs) is something that every curly girl knows about, and has probably experienced a fair few during some point of her hair journey. A single strand knot is just what it sounds like: it’s when the end of one strand wraps around itself and forms a knot. Although there Click to continue…

What’s the Skinny On at Home Keratin Treatments for Longer Lasting Straight Hair?


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At-home beauty and hair products have been popular and a booming business for years and for many it makes perfect sense to use them.  They are practical, less expensive than salon visits and with the right person applying the technique, you can look like you just came from a salon. From hair dyes, to acrylic Click to continue…

3 Different Ways to Detangle Natural Hair


Detangling. Ugh, did you cringe when you read that word? If so, it means that you still haven’t found the proper way to detangle your natural hair. Learning how to detangle natural hair can seem hard, especially at the beginning of a hair journey. Below are three different ways to detangle natural hair. If you’ve Click to continue…

6 Things a Woman with Fine Hair Should Never Do


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I grew up on the left side of an Island, as one of the worlds most famous singer’s once said, so the challenges of hair care while living there was much different from it is now. I would say they were not necessarily harder but alot less involved. I got my hair done every Saturday Click to continue…

3 Hair Challenges You Should Try in 2015


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As the new year approaches, we all take a little time out to reflect and set our new goals and resolutions. If we can do that for everything else, why can’t we do it for our hair? Natural hair challenges are fun because they make us do the extra hair care steps in our regimen Click to continue…

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