Maintaining Natural Hair And Your Workouts At The Same Time


I think we’ve all been there; ducking a workout in order to maintain that gorgeous halo of curls we worked so hard to achieve. Yes, I’m definitely guilty of this, and maybe some of you are too. But you should know there are many ways you can have your cake and eat it too. First, Click to continue…

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3 Suggestions On How To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Lupus Treatment

Alisha beats Lupus

Many of us know Youtuber “Mo Knows Hair” and we watch her videos religiously. The video featured in this post that she did recently really hit home for me because my best friend was diagnosed with Lupus and I also have family members dealing with the auto immune disease. Mo did a wash and go Click to continue…

3 Must Have Product Types for Women With Fine Hair

3 Must Have Product Types For Fine Hair

Fine haired ladies must take exceptional care when choosing hair products. This is because heavy products will build up more on fine strands and tend to leave a film weighing it down which may lead to breakage. Heavy product use can also cause individual hairs to fuse together causing unnecessary stress on the strands as you Click to continue…

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The Ultimate Summer Regimen For Your Natural Hair

The Ultimate Summer Regimen For Your Natural Hair This Year

It is raining like crazy today and I got caught in it. I don’t know about you, but every time it rains and I am rocking that ‘bun life’ I feel extra energized. There was a time in my life where I would run from the rain, avoid it like nobody’s business. Spring has definitely Click to continue…

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Spring Is Here and Summer Is Right Around The Corner – Should You Be Switching Your Regimen?

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 23.32.26

Many of us like to throw words around like “Summer Regimen” and “Winter regimen” as if our hair has suddenly morphed into something different other than basic protein with a bit of curly attitude. Even here on BHI if you hit the search bar and type in Winter regimen, you are bound to find one Click to continue…

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4 Natural Or DIY Ways To Cleanse Your Natural Hair


We all know by now, how much sulphate based shampoos can be damaging to our coils. Shampoos are formulated to clean the hair and scalp of excess grease, grime and gunk which have accumulated on the hair throughout the course of the day or weeks in some cases. However, if you’re low maintenance like myself, Click to continue…

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Could Twists Be Causing Your Hair Breakage?

two strand twists

  If you have noticed that your hair is breaking and you wear twists frequently, the twists could be the blame! It seems that two strand twists are the go to style for most natural girls; especially for those that cannot braid. The style is quick allowing it to be the ideal option for our Click to continue…

Is Washing Your Hair Monthly OK?- 3 Basic Ways You Can Decide For Yourself

lady with natural hair

Often we will see a few of our favorite hair gurus say that they only have a major wash day once a month. It is easy to think that maybe that might work for you but at the same time not be sure if that option is best for you and your hair. There is Click to continue…

4 Tweaks to Your Regimen that Could Save You Time and Money

natural hair

I am no minimalist – at least not in the truest sense of the word. I love the idea (many of us do). As a matter of fact, it is the newest ‘it’ thing these days. On YouTube you are bound to find someone sipping an expensive glass of wine or drinking some form of herbal Click to continue…

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5 Naturals Who Can Admit That Co-washing Is Not For Them

hair with shampoo

If you email me about having dry hair, one of my recommendations will most definitly be to co wash more often. Do you know why? Well, the most obvious reason is that most conditioners are water based and water is exactly what your hair needs when it is dry. In addition to water, the conditioner Click to continue…

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Basic Training – 5 Essential Products for a Successful Hair Journey

Child holding balloon

Starting a hair journey can be hard, especially if you never really took responsibility of your hair before like me. Now that the natural hair community is growing, more businesses are selling and marketing natural hair products, making it harder to choose one that will work the best. There are a ton of products out Click to continue…

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The Top 6 Ways to Shave Time off Your Wash Day!


I love my natural hair. Matter of fact, I love all natural hair. The springy-ness, fullness, versatility, and the look of our natural hair is off the chain. But, LAWD knows we can have our off days! If someone asked me what would be one of the biggest complaints that naturals had when it comes to Click to continue…

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Boost Your Growth Retention by Focusing on Strand Strength and Eliminating Confusion

Boost Your Growth Retention by Focusing on Strand Strength

I have been talking about protein a lot lately, maybe it is because I am having protein withdrawal at the moment or the fact that any conversation about hair health cannot be had without the mention of protein. The strength of your hair strand is very important to retaining the length that you gain. We Click to continue…

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4 Must Dos for High Porosity Hair

Natural Hair

High porosity strands, just like low porosity strands, tend to fall on the far extreme of “average” porosity strands. A few issues that many face when dealing with high porosity strands are not being able to hold on to moisture, overly fast drying strands, and hair that swells quickly which can mess up elasticity overtime. Click to continue…

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4 Signs Your Hair Regimen is Working

Curly Natural Hair

Embarking on a natural hair journey can be difficult, especially if you’ve never learned how to care for your hair before. There are so many different sources of information out there that we have to sort through and see what works best. The next important thing after creating your hair regimen is deciding if it’s Click to continue…

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5 Ways You Know You Are Doing too Much with Your Natural Hair

Natural hair

I am sure you have heard the saying, “less is more” haven’t you? If you haven’t heard that then you must have heard the saying that simplicity is the “ultimate sophistication” which can be pretty comforting if you are a ‘lazy natural’. To be honest I do not like the word lazy when describing a Click to continue…

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One Method You Can Try to Successfully Blow Dry 4C Natural Hair without Damage

Natural hair

Have you been trying to get the perfect blow out for what seems like ever and it still isn’t working? Are you getting knots and tangles while you do it, or do you not have the soft and sleek look that you’d like? Girl, I’ve been there! If you have thick 4c hair, it may Click to continue…

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5 Main Factors that Determine the Overall Health of Your Hair

natural hair

Everyone wants that magic pill that will allow your hair to grow massive amounts with minimal upkeep. I know, I know…but guess what honey, there ain’t one. I did not mean to bust your bubble…OK, maybe I did but it is better to hear it from me than having you screaming at your hair in Click to continue…

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