7 Ways You Can Celebrate a Milestone in Your Hair Journey

Natural hair girl

As I sat down to think about what I want to achieve for 2015, I recognized that I had made it to two years on my healthy hair journey. Usually I don’t do resolutions because frankly I never got much done that way, but the last resolution I made was to whip my hair back Click to continue…

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How To: Building a Moisture Rich Natural Hair Regimen

Bummblebee7 Afro style

Everything that you own that is valuable to you, requires maintenance in order to thrive and last you a long time. Am I correct? Your car requires servicing and regular upkeep. The same applies to your home. If you do not have a schedule as to when things should get done and what should get Click to continue…

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How to Safely Uninstall Protective Styles

Black woman showcasing hair detanglement

Protective styles are a great way to keep your natural hair safe and out of the way for an extended period of time. One of the biggest problems with protective styles though, is that they can take a while to install and uninstall. I don’t know about you, but after not manipulating my hair for Click to continue…

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Top 3 Dos and Must Haves for Medium Porosity Hair


I was thinking about hair porosity the other day, and I noticed that there are many articles and information on low and high porosity strands, but not so many on medium (normal) porosity strands. Now, I’m assuming that it may be because “normal” porosity is considered well, normal , and really do not need many Click to continue…

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Some More Hair Practices We Do that Everyone Says Are Bad for Us


Earlier this week I discussed some hair practices we do that everyone else is like, “Really? That’s bad for your hair…you should do/use this instead.” There is so much information we have all heard and they can sometimes get crossed with another. If you are on the receiving side, it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and irritating. With Click to continue…

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3 Ways to Zap Dry Natural Hair in The Bud Forever


Dry hair is a problem for all naturals for many reasons stemming from the environment, manipulation and over exposed ends to just the basic shape of the hair strand. The curlier your hair the harder it is for moisture to travel down the strand, and to add one more complication our strands tend to tangle…a Click to continue…

What is Low Manipulation Styling, and How Does It Differ from Protective Styling?


Did you join our protective styling challenge yet? Well if you haven’t, click here. Speaking of protective styling, did you know that there is a distinct difference between protective styling and low manipulation styling? As the new year starts we all have visions of what we plan to do with our hair; we have different goals Click to continue…

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Should You Pre Poo Using a Conditioner or Oil?

Conditioner vs oil for prepooing

Wash day is simultaneously the bane of my existence and the joy of my heart. I know that it’s for the greater good, but the lazy-I-just-want-to-relax-on-the-weekends part of me dreads it. Jumping in and out of the shower, underneath the steamer, detangling, styling, it really does go on forever sometimes. When I close my eyes Click to continue…

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Get Educated: 5 Reasons You Need to Add Protein to Your Hair Regimen This Winter

Get Educated- 5 Reasons You Need To Add Protein To Your Natural Hair Regimen This Winter

Believe it or not, our hair is actually made of protein. Protein is essential for every organ in your body and just as essential for healthy hair. Each hair strand consists of keratin, small amounts of water and a binding agent, which holds the keratin and water together. Our hairs are made of a follicle Click to continue…

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The Pros And Cons Of DIY Hair Care


I went through a hair braiding phase starting in middle school and ending sometime around my senior year of high school. First, I had my friends do it for me and my mom would pay them. From then, I used to wait until my older sister came home for major holidays because she would do Click to continue…

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Breaking The Natural Hair Rules For Easier Hair Care


Can we break the rules sometimes? Like seriously!? With natural hair, there are so many rules and regulations that it’s hard to keep up, and we feel terrible if we break one – almost like its the end of the world. However, many of us have the same busy lifestyle we had before natural hair Click to continue…

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The Importance of Sealing The Length of Your Hair


As you build your regimen, you will notice that you will start to add things in that focus on the length of your hair. The truth is the longer your hair gets, the easier it is for it to lose moisture. This is simply because your hair is more exposed to dry air in the Click to continue…

Two Easy Wash Day Routines You Can Try For Your Long Natural Hair

hqdefault (5)

For those of you with long, natural hair, this is for you. I’m going to go ahead and say that these regimens can work for medium and possibly short hair as well. These regimens may even work for relaxed hair, too. You never know until you try it out. We all know that wash day Click to continue…

Don’t Be Intimidated By The Sweat! Tips To Help You Get A Good Workout

Tips To Help You Get A Good Workout

I love working out and I love to sweat. Now that the weather is changing to the cooler seasons, I am even more motivated because it’s not so hot and humid for my workout regimen. The one thing that I have to make certain is adjusting my hair schedule to suit my work out schedule. I mean, I Click to continue…

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Too Busy To Do Your Hair? Here Are 4 Tips You Can Use To Help You Fit Hair Care Into A Busy Lifestyle


So my husband asked me the other day, “Sweetheart, I love you but your styles have been mostly buns instead of the creative-extra-put-time-in-your-styling-options styles. What’s up?” I answered, “Awe I love you too…but say hello to your son…” Now I know that’s a cop out answer and I know it was not ideal to put Click to continue…

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A few Reasons You Should Add Oil Rinsing To Your Wash Day Routine


Have you ever heard about Oil Rinsing? Well it is quite interesting, so interesting that we have talked about it on the blog a couple of times in the past. Oil Rinsing is an additional process that you would do on wash day when washing your hair. The process is simple, after shampooing your hair, you would Click to continue…

Sometimes You Just Have To Go Ahead And Cut It – My Hair Trimming Experience


Girls, there comes a time in your life when you have to go to Sally’s, and look the lady over the counter dead in the eye, and say, “Please give me the sharpest pair of shears you have, and I don’t care how much it costs.” You take the plunge by making the purchase, and Click to continue…

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Using Rain Water On Your Hair


SAY WHAT?! Rain water? Are you kidding me? who has time to catch rain water to wash their hair? Who says you will even have enough to really get your hair to the point of ‘fully washed’? With everything, there are always doubts and side eyes, but if something is good for you it’s just Click to continue…