Top 3 Sealing Oils For Relaxed Or Chemically Treated Hair

grapeseed oilGrapeseed Oil – “The Ceramide Provider”

Grapeseed oil is extremely rich in ceramides – Ceramides are widely known to provide moisture and strength within the hair strand and to create a smooth barrier along the cuticles of the hair.

Grapeseed oil is one of the top ceramide oils, containing over 73% of ceramides. This is why a lot of us with relaxed/chemically-treated hair use grapeseed oil and tout it as one of the best sealing oils.

For a boost of ceramides in your regimen, just add a tablespoon or so to your conditioners, cleansers, moisturizers, etc. Otherwise you can use it as a standard sealing oil after moisturizing.

It is an extremely lightweight oil – For those of us who have relaxed hair, especially fine relaxed hair, one of the problems that we face is the possible weighing down of our strands with the products that we use.

Because it can provide great sealing power after our hair moisturizers without compromising the volume is another great reason why many of us with chemically-treated hair use grapeseed oil.

To use, apply a small to medium amount of grapeseed oil to strands after moisturizing.

Grapeseed oil is used as a natural heat protectantA lot of women use grapeseed oil as a heat protectant due to its high smoke point of 450 degrees farenheight.

Now, even though it is not officially recognized as a heat protectant, studies have shown that when grapeseed oil was applied to the hair it blocked the transfer of heat damage from appliances such as flat irons from entering the cortex of hair strands.

To use as a protectant, apply to damp hair and let it work for 30 minutes then use your heat appliances.

So that’s it guys! I hope that this information has given you more insight into these great sealing oils which I hope will provide you with excellent benefits over the course of your hair journey.

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    Coconut oil is NOT a sealing oil! I’ve seen numerous different articles on this website claiming that coconut oil is a spectacular sealing oil when in fact, it is not a sealing oil at all! Coconut oil is a PENETRATING oil! Meaning that when you put coconut oil into the hair, it goes inside the hair shaft providing moisture to the inside of the hair. It DOES NOT seal the moisture inside of your hair you need a particular sealing oil (such as grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil etc.) for that! Just wanted to clear that up because there are sevaral articles providing the same misleading information. DO NOT seal with coconut oil, it will not seal your moisturizers in!

    • Alma

      I’m afraid I don’t agree Tiara. Coconut oil is indeed a penetrating oil but if your hair is already ‘full’ of leave in conditioner/water then because oil doesn’t mix with water it has no choice but to remain over the top of the water hence ‘seal’ the moisture in. It may not smooth the cuticle the way other oils do but it will certainly seal.

      You may not agree but some of us fine haired ladies find that coconut oil is the only thing that works at keeping moisture in without weighing our hair down.

  • storm5

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