Top 3 Sealing Oils For Relaxed Or Chemically Treated Hair

Top 3 Sealing Oils For Relaxed Or Chemically Treated Hair

Oils, oh oils. How do we healthy hair care lovers love thee!

Oils are a major part of any healthy hair care and especially for those us who have relaxed or chemically treated hair. Why you ask? Well, due to the dryness that comes with having chemically treated hair we have to be diligent about infusing moisture into our strands and making sure that it stays locked in.

This is where oils come in. While oils (with the exception of a few) cannot moisturize our hair in the truest sense of the word, they are vital in “sealing” in the moisture into our strands.

Sealing is a huge deal in any healthy hair journey because without a suitable oil to seal in moisture you may only have moisturized hair for an hour versus a whole day.

Oils, even all natural ones come in different consistencies from regular ‘oily’ consistencies to thicker more ‘syrupy’ ones and even hair butters which are solid at room temperature. A lot of the time the consistency may determine what you use it for or in fact which point during your hair regimen to use it.

For instance, if you have ultra fine thin strands you will know what a thick textured oil or butter will be likely to weigh your hair down so it may be wiser to use it added to your deep conditioner or for sealing just the very ends of your hair. And conversely, if you have thicker coarser strands, it would make more sense to seal your hair with a heavier oil rather than a light one.

But with so many oils that are available in the average beauty shop shelves, how does one know which oils to choose? Well, wonder no more because following we have compiled the top three most beneficial sealing oils for relaxed or chemically treated hair.

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    Shalonda Smith

  2. 2

    Finally an article for relaxed sisters”,this site has boast about being venue for various hair types but I usually only see natural hair articles featured.

    • 3

      We try to have at least 1 relaxed hair article per week and you may notice that many of our posts are actually for both hair types. Having said that, natural ladies are 75% of our audience majority of our articles have to be about natural hair.

  3. 4

    Shawntal Smith

  4. 5

    Arnella Flowers

  5. 6

    Used coconut oil hair gettin thick

  6. 9

    Coconut oil♡

  7. 10

    Stacey Davis Rhonda Lee Isis Corenthia Harmon

  8. 11

    I use Daubur Vatika natural coconut oil

  9. 12

    Where to get grapeseed oil?

  10. 13

    All three. Love grapeseed though

  11. 14

    These are the ingredients in wild growth oil

  12. 15

    You can buy grape seed oil @ Winn-Dixie $6 or Walmart fo $3.82 Dina Sofine

  13. 17

    Do we mix all three together or we mix it with a grease

  14. 18

    I have to try this I have used coconut oil before. Thanks for the tip on where I can.find the grapeseed oil

  15. 19

    My hair loves coconut & castor but it can do without grapeseed.

  16. 20


    Coconut oil is NOT a sealing oil! I’ve seen numerous different articles on this website claiming that coconut oil is a spectacular sealing oil when in fact, it is not a sealing oil at all! Coconut oil is a PENETRATING oil! Meaning that when you put coconut oil into the hair, it goes inside the hair shaft providing moisture to the inside of the hair. It DOES NOT seal the moisture inside of your hair you need a particular sealing oil (such as grapeseed oil, almond oil, castor oil etc.) for that! Just wanted to clear that up because there are sevaral articles providing the same misleading information. DO NOT seal with coconut oil, it will not seal your moisturizers in!

    • 21

      I’m afraid I don’t agree Tiara. Coconut oil is indeed a penetrating oil but if your hair is already ‘full’ of leave in conditioner/water then because oil doesn’t mix with water it has no choice but to remain over the top of the water hence ‘seal’ the moisture in. It may not smooth the cuticle the way other oils do but it will certainly seal.

      You may not agree but some of us fine haired ladies find that coconut oil is the only thing that works at keeping moisture in without weighing our hair down.

  17. 22

    Shielo is my new holy grail shampoo! It leaves my chemically treated hair very clean, very moisturized, fuller looking and softer feeling, no matter which conditioner I pair it with. I use the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner and I seem to get fuller and healthier looking hair with each and every use. It’s the best shampoo I have ever used. In addition, it’s sulfate free.

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