Relaxing, texturizing and texlaxing Black hair

Relaxing Texturizing And Texlaxing Black Hair
Which one is for you?

Relaxing, texturizing and texlaxing are in actual fact quite similar. All 3 involve the use of chemicals which are either Sodium Hydroxide based (lye), potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, or guanidine hydroxide based (no lye) or ammonium thioglycolate relaxers commonly known as ‘Thio relaxers’.

In essence all relaxers and texturizers penetrate the hair shaft causing it to swell and breaks it’s internal bonds which changes the hair texture from curly to straight. While all three processes are pretty similar, the length of time the chemicals are left in the hair and the type of chemical used, determine whether the hair is relaxed, texlaxed or texturized.

Determining which process is best for your hair depends on a number of factors. Mainly:

The health of your hair and scalp – Chemical treatments should only be applied to hair that is healthy with no scalp issues evident.

The porosity of your hair – High porosity hair absorbs much faster than normal or low porosity hair. Relaxers as a rule tend to increase the porosity of hair strands so if your hair is already high porosity to begin with, a relaxer may damage your hair beyond repair leading to major breakage. In this case gentler treatments like texlaxing or texturizing may be your best option.

The thickness of your strands – If your individual hair strands are fine then they may be unable to withstand a full relaxer process, this is a common reason why some women experience breakage when they relax their hair.

A strand test must always be performed before attempting to process the hair with any chemical. This tells you or your stylist the ideal processing time for the result you are looking to achieve.

Bear in mind that a person may have a variety of textures on their heads which may require a different processing time for each section. This avoids any over or under – processing of the hair.

First off: Relaxing…

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  • Can I do the texlaxing method with a texturizer? Or how to go from texturized to texlaxed hair?

  • Charlisa

    I need more help on how to texlax my hair. I just took my hair out of braids and its been awhile since i last permed my hair so there isnt much perm left and i was wondering if somebody can tell me how to do it step by step..I tried watching other people's videos but they act like it'll kill them to open their mouth and talk so im kinda lost..Can anybody help me?

  • Rita

    Dear Alma, I had my hair relaxed five months ago and am on braids for 2 months, I am thinking of going natural but do not want to cut off my 16 inches hair. Can I use a texturizer to make it soft for transition as I cannot endure the pains of my harsh hair texture. Where can I get to buy texturizers in Poland? Thanks.

  • Bria Pierce

    Hi Alma!
    So I have a short 4c TWA and sometime towards the end of Octoboer, I used a Pink ShortLooks texturizer on my hair to TRY and loosen up the curls, but it didn’t do much at all. Now, here we are towards the end of January and I’d like to get a relaxer and rock the short Eva Marcille type of cut. What would you recommend or what is some advice you have?

    • Alma

      I’m generally against mixing chemicals because of the risk of over processing. If you are looking to keep your hair short anyway then it’s not a big deal to relax over the texturizer (making sure that you use the exact same chemical) That is to say that if you used no lye to texturize then use no lye again to relax. If you used thio to texturize then you can’t have a relaxer at all because you hair will completely break off.

      Now if you are looking at this short cut as a way to launch you to longer lengths then you won’t be starting on the right foot. It may not look like the texturizer did much but trust me, it did. Texturizers are recommended only to make your hair softer and easier to comb, they don’t give you any curl nor do they change your texture substantially. hth

      • Kitten

        Im just curious…can a person texlax their hair using a thio based perm. I ask because I have a dry curl and the double processing has taken a toll on my very fine hair. So, I figure if I can texlax it with the same chemical (thio based) which it does say it can be used as a relaxer as well, why not then? What are your thoughts?

  • Diamond

    I had my hair permed with Amla Legend Regular Relaxer By Optimum over a month ago. I’m want to put Texture My Way Organics Texture My Way No-Lye/No-Mix Organic Conditioning Texturizing System in my hair now. Love the texturize look. How much longer should I wait before doing that? Thanks.

  • Kitten

    Im just curious…can a person texlax their hair using a thio based perm. I ask because I have a dry curl and the double processing has taken a toll on my very fine hair. So, I figure if I can texlax it with the same chemical (thio based) which it does say it can be used as a relaxer as well, why not then? What are your thoughts?

  • I never had issues with relaxers and I only relaxed my hair every 16 weeks. My hair was actually really healthy. Going natural actually ruined my healthy relaxed hair. So I cut it off and now I am completely natural. It was a horrifying experience lol. But I like my natural hair. It is definitely a lot more work. I do miss my relaxed hair. It WAS almost waist length.

  • all same…

  • I hate natural hair it’s too time consuming and such a hassle. I am in a transitional period right now because im pregnant and put a perm on my hair that didn’t take. I’m scared to perm it now because my texture is so messed up but as soon as, I have her I’m putting a perm on. My permed hair was healthy and beautiful I never had the issue of damaged hair.

  • I textlaxed my hair for close to two years and it was horrible. My hair had all of these different textures. It was dry brittle and broke off everywhere. I have been transitioning to all natural since Sept 2013 and have a few inches of processed hair left in certain parts. I find it much easier to deal with my hair natural and I wear it straight not in its natural curl state. I also save a ton of money since I’m not buying a bunch of hair products.

  • I’m good