5 Easy Steps To Longer Healthier Relaxed Hair

5 Easy Steps To Longer Healthier Relaxed Hair
Learn how to take care of your relaxed hair for optimum growth 

Here are 5 easy ways to get your chemically relaxed hair to grow and grow!

1. Deep Conditioning Treatments– This is key in the health of your relaxed hair. Moisture promotes elasticity which is important in making the hair resilient to damage. Relaxed hair loves deep conditioning treatments.

A deep conditioner is any good natural conditioner left on for 20-30 minutes (even overnight for some). It is always best to use heat with a deep conditioner. Heat makes the hair shaft swell up hence it absorbs more moisture. Heat can be added with a hair steamer, hooded dryer (with a plastic heat cap) or even with a warm towel tied around the head.

The deep conditioning treatment should be rinsed well from the hair and always end with a cold water rinse. The cold water makes the hair cuticle close keeping all that lovely moisture inside the shaft.

2. Seal’ the moisture in – The most common way to do this is with oils. A light natural oil used sparingly concentrating on the ends will keep the hair soft and moisturized all day.

The principle behind this is that oil molecules are larger that water molecules. The oil molecules coat the shaft of the hair after the deep conditioning treatment hence locking the water molecules inside. A good natural oil that can be used for sealing is coconut oil. Never use petroleum products on the hair and never use oils if you are going to heat-style your hair afterwards.

When using heat you should use a silicone based heat protecting serum that will do the same thing by both coating the hair shaft to keep moisture in and absorb most of the heat from your heat tools.

3. Daily moisture
– After a long day, it is not uncommon for relaxed hair to feel a bit dry. If you deep condition and seal your hair regularly you may be able to keep your hair moisturized for days at a time but like anything left out in the elements, after a while it will lose some of its moisture. It is a good habit to get into moisturizing your hair daily. It a quick painless process!

All you need is a good oil-free hair lotion (The first ingredient must be water). A coin-sized amount is enough for shoulder length hair, a touch more for longer tresses. Follow this on with a few drops of your oil to seal and this should keep your hair soft for the next 24 hours if not longer.

No need to be concerned that your lovely new flat ironing job will be ruined by adding a water-based product to it. Remember, you only need a small amount which is unlikely to affect your style and you may wrap your hair afterwards to keep it straight and bouncy. You may also opt to apply the moisturizer only to the ends of the hair as this is the oldest part or the hair and tends to get drier faster.

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  • Tshidi

    :smile: this site is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you . . Good luck with your hair!! 😉

  • Kiki B

    I have severe breakage in the back of my head it was LONG which was annoying so i kept it in a pony tail – or racked thru it with the comb as my arms got tired combing thru – any who now my middle back of my hair is gone – the sides are still long which actually works for me because i will have the style i love that funky bob with the short back and long front MY question is should i be shampooing weekly or every two wks — i just got the jamaican castor oil 2 wks ago and my hair is already growing… I think i over moisturized the back also because that hair was brittle/hard the new growth — i am doing the ghe method well today will be day two – as i did it last night for 4 hrs and it was GREAT my hair is so soft and moisturized now so i DONT want to wash it today woudl be my weekly wash day… I dont plan to cut the rest of my hair i plan to have that section grow back in by march i only need like 3 mimimum inches in the back to pull of that style -lol – but i over moisturized then it was all on my rug did not REALIZE i need so much MORE protein now i am doing that everytime i wash THEN moisture!! Also very glad i found this site i LOVE hair and doing it and have always been but once i startted GOING to get it done after college it has been problematic so i decided to start doing it myself again which to me is a fun hobby… Thanks for the info