5 Easy Steps To Longer Healthier Relaxed Hair

Learn how to take care of your relaxed hair for optimum growth 

Here are 5 easy ways to get your chemically relaxed hair to grow and grow!

1. Deep Conditioning Treatments– This is key in the health of your relaxed hair. Moisture promotes elasticity which is important in making the hair resilient to damage. Relaxed hair loves deep conditioning treatments.

A deep conditioner is any good natural conditioner left on for 20-30 minutes (even overnight for some). It is always best to use heat with a deep conditioner. Heat makes the hair shaft swell up hence it absorbs more moisture. Heat can be added with a hair steamer, hooded dryer (with a plastic heat cap) or even with a warm towel tied around the head.

The deep conditioning treatment should be rinsed well from the hair and always end with a cold water rinse. The cold water makes the hair cuticle close keeping all that lovely moisture inside the shaft.

2. Seal’ the moisture in – The most common way to do this is with oils. A light natural oil used sparingly concentrating on the ends will keep the hair soft and moisturized all day.

The principle behind this is that oil molecules are larger that water molecules. The oil molecules coat the shaft of the hair after the deep conditioning treatment hence locking the water molecules inside. A good natural oil that can be used for sealing is coconut oil. Never use petroleum products on the hair and never use oils if you are going to heat-style your hair afterwards.

When using heat you should use a silicone based heat protecting serum that will do the same thing by both coating the hair shaft to keep moisture in and absorb most of the heat from your heat tools.

3. Daily moisture – After a long day, it is not uncommon for relaxed hair to feel a bit dry. If you deep condition and seal your hair regularly you may be able to keep your hair moisturized for days at a time but like anything left out in the elements, after a while it will lose some of its moisture. It is a good habit to get into moisturizing your hair daily. It a quick painless process!

All you need is a good oil-free hair lotion (The first ingredient must be water). A coin-sized amount is enough for shoulder length hair, a touch more for longer tresses. Follow this on with a few drops of your oil to seal and this should keep your hair soft for the next 24 hours if not longer.

No need to be concerned that your lovely new flat ironing job will be ruined by adding a water-based product to it. Remember, you only need a small amount which is unlikely to affect your style and you may wrap your hair afterwards to keep it straight and bouncy. You may also opt to apply the moisturizer only to the ends of the hair as this is the oldest part or the hair and tends to get drier faster.

4.Protein Treatments – Protein is just as important to hair as moisture is. All hair is made up of protein so when hair becomes damaged by heat tools or hair is over-moisturized; a deep protein treatment can work wonders.

Protein will fill in the gaps or cracks in the hair shaft hence strengthening the structure. Some good protein treatments will even stop breakage immediately! These treatments are only required when serious breakage is occurring or when breakage is foreseen e.g. getting a chemical service, you can get the protein treatment to prevent any breakage after the service.

If the hair is already in a good state then an occasional protein treatment helps give the hair the added strength it needs. You can buy light protein shampoos or conditioners or raid the kitchen and crack an egg into your usual conditioner for that added bit of protein!

5. Using the correct tools for your hair – Relaxed hair tends to be very fragile when wet. You should never brush or use a small tooth comb on your hair. Only use a wide tooth comb to detangle or comb products through. It is best to avoid manipulating the hair too much until it is mostly dry.

Even when the hair is dry use a brush sparingly (if at all) opting rather for your trusty wide tooth comb for styling purposes. Many are now adept at finger styling and avoid using a comb altogether!

Heat tools should also be avoided where possible. Relaxed hair can be straightened quite easily by wrapping when wet and letting it air dry overnight. Alternatively a good roller set will give you straight silky results without excessive heat.

If a flat iron must be used, make sure it has a temperature control and use the lowest temperature at which you can get good results. If you use a straightening balm or serum on the hair, very little heat is required to smooth out the hair. See the article on how to cheat a roller setting.

With these tips in a few short months you are sure to move your hair to heights never expected. Hair grows from 6-10 inches per year. Take regular quarterly pictures of your progress to show you how much the health and length of your hair has increased. Anyone can have waist length hair. Why shouldn’t it be you?



15 Ways To Get Longer Healthier Hair


About Alma

Hi! I'm Alma Ruddock, a full time blogger. I stumbled on a hair care forum in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair forever!. I started BlackHairInformation.com as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to bring new information about hair on both this website and my personal blog.


  1. 1

    :smile: this site is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    Thank you . . Good luck with your hair!! ;-)

  3. 3

    i just put a perm in my hair after years of growing it out, long hair is a pain the the ass. i cut my hair i am free and short hair, well it is just sexy love it:). kiki in Long Beach,ca

  4. 4
    Vanessa aka Miss V says:

    ok, so i’m a little confused about the proper regime for relaxed hair. what is the best approach for someone who has limited time (i.e. can only wash hair once a wk)? From what I’ve read, you are supposed to wash the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, then condition with both a moisturizing conditioner and protein conditioner. I don’t have a hooded bonnet, and I don’t know how to roller set my own hair, so I usually just blow dry and flat iron. What can I do to prevent the heat damage?

    sorry for all the questions! i think this website is great and very enlightening =)

    • 5

      I would strongly suggest you learn how to roller set. There are loads of videos on you-tube on the subject. It’s just that relaxed hair tends not to survive well with regular direct heat and if it’s length you want with relaxed hair then leave flat ironing for those special occasions only. There are also methods like wet wrapping to get hair straight without heat. Take a look at this video about wet wrapping http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T19HFNV8FaQ

      • 6
        Vanessa aka Miss V says:

        thanks! i will try the wet wrapping instead of blowing drying and then using the flat iron. I will let you know how it goes!

    • 7

      Hey Vanessa. What I do as an alternate blow-dryer is 1) buy some rollers and section you hair 4-6 with scrunchies or any kind of elastics 2) with the ponytails that you make divide the hair into two parts 3) Next, get some rollers and roll your hair. There should be two roller sections for each ponytail. This is the lazy method or an alternate and it can be air-dried or under the hood dryer. Check it out on YouTube to see a demonstration.

  5. 8
    Iheartted says:

    Will wet wrapping my hair and letting it dry overnight make my hair straight when I am 6-8 weeks post relaxer? I have really thick hair and when I let it air dry on it’s own, it gets poofy and I have to go to the salon to have it straightened. I tried putting in rollers too but that didn’t work at all.

    • 9

      You can still do wet wrapping but I think roller setting will be more effective if you practice your technique you will start seeing better results. You can always blow our or flat iron your roots afterwards for a smoother finish.

  6. 10
    Dora-Vania says:

    I am in the military and going too deploy again for the 4th time. I want too keep my hair healthy but can’t wear it down all the time. What can I do to maintain my shoulder length hair?

    • 11

      Hi Dora, I don’t know how the military are on weaves. I know of a lady also in the military (on youtube!) who wears her hair in weaves cut short into bobs. They look cute while being very appropriate for the job so that you can allow your own hair underneath to grow undisturbed. The only other option is to ponytail most of the time and as long as you do it the right way, not too tight with ouchless or satin covered bands, your hair will be fine! HTH

  7. 12
    Nardia says:

    i just join this site and i find it to be very informative so far. I have really short relaxed hair and am trying to take care of it so i could see some progressive growth whats your advice on the first step? Another thing, whenever i relax my hair, into 3 weeks it look like it has not been relaxed please help understand why?

  8. 13

    best conditioner I have ever used is Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner,
    the argan oil hydrates and strengthens my hair making it nice and healthy. Plus
    the extra shine is appreciated! Thanks for the informative article :)

  9. 15
    Jessie Hunt says:

    Love your site! Getting ready to start my hair care journey :-) had a question about the protein. If I use a protein shampoo do I need to use a non protein conditioner? And visa versa? Also after using proetien products do I need to use a deep conditioner? Please help lol thanks in advance

    • 16

      Hi Jessie. Thanks! Actually it would be better to keep the protein products separate from the moisturizing products so that you can fine tune your moisture protein balance. Once your balance is good and you are comfortable knowing what your hair needs then feel free to mix and match if you wish.

      If you are using a protein deep conditioner or light conditioner you don’t have to follow up with a moisturizing DC. You only absolutely need a moisturizing DC after doing a hard protein treatment like Aphogee.

      • 17
        Jessie Hunt says:

        Thanks for the info! Very helpful do you know if the creme of nature w/ageron oil shampoo have protein n it? Or any of there products?

        • 18

          Sorry hun, I couldn’t tell you because I used their products last a very long time ago. You will be able to tell if the ingredient list contain hydrolyzed keratin, or any other hydrolyzed protein.

  10. 19

    I love your website!!! My hair has grown a lot in the past month doing all the things that are recommended on this site for relaxed hair however, Im not sure if I need a moisturizing conditioner and a protein condtioner because i wash my hair once a week, the first week i will DC my hair with my Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor(light protien conditioner) and the next week I will give my hair a hot oil treatment with 100% jojoba oil( for moisture) so in other words I use DC and hot oil treatments every other week so my question to you is since hot oil treatments add moisture( and so does my moisturzing lotion and coconut oil i use once a week when my hair is wet before my roller set) do I still need a moisturzing conditioner too and if so how often???

  11. 20

    So you are replacing a moisturizing conditioner with a hot oil treatment? Very unorthodox, are you shampooing your hair after the hot oil? Because if you are then you will definitely need to DC afterwards.

    If on the other hand you are able to get the oil out without a poo then there may not be any harm in it. Having said that I would still consider adding a conditioner after the hot oil if I were you, even if it’s just a cheapie wash out one like V05.

    • 21

      Yes i do LIGHTLY shampoo my hot oil treatment out and then I use my protein conditioner but i only let it set in for about 2 minutes so after my hot oil treatment should I use a moisturizing conditioner to DC instead of a protein conditioner since the week before my hot oil treatments I use a protein DC??? Im just trying to figure out if it is necessary to use protein and moisturizing conditioners?

      • 22

        Yipes! So essentially you are doing protein conditioners weekly? Not a good idea as you may get protein overload especially if you are not at a point yet when you can easily tell if your hair is in need of protein or moisture in a given week. In your case I would say that you should definitely invest in a moisturizing conditioner to use after the hot oil treatment. Rotating your conditioners is a good idea anyway to prevent build up from using the same product again and again. HTH

        • 23

          yes!!!! Thanks a lot that helped a lot I will be going to get a moisturizing conditioner tomorrow!!!!!! I will continued to use your website I have became addicted to this website!!!!! lol ;)

  12. 24

    Hi Alma, thank you for your tips; I’m glad I came across your website.
    I had long relaxed hair but wear it short nowadays because it’s a lot of work. One has to take very good care of the hair (also for short hair, but less). Maybe a tip for growing long hair: I noticed that when I eat lentil soup and take vitamin B complex for a period of time, my hair tends to grow very fast. It’s indeed from the inside out!

  13. 25

    I have a question about the protein is it okay to use one, once a month and a moisturizing dc the rest or i have to alternate? what i was going to do for my protein is take a egg and olive oil in it.

    • 26

      You can do that if you want yes. The only reason that I suggest alternating is that most ppl are unsure of their moisture protein balance. If your hair is already balanced and you are not getting breakage then do what works for you. I would also strongly suggest that you get yourself a DC with some hydrolyzed protein in it. An egg is ok but the size of the proteins that it has are too big to effectively penetrate your strands to provide strength.

      • 27

        Thank you, i came across another question if you want to stretch your relaxer, do you think that 12 weeks is a good time between each one, to not have as much damage?

        • 28

          12 week should be the minimum length of a stretch, yes. If you are currently touching up sooner than this, you may want to work your way up to 12 weeks by gradually increasing the stretch by a week with each touch up.

  14. 29
    BellaDonna says:

    Hi – I’m hoping you can help. I usually re-touch (relax my roots) every 3-4 months. My hair dresser says I don’t really need a relaxer, but if I do, I should try to stretch and do it no more than 3 times a year. So I have been doing this and have attained almost BSL. I was natural before for about two years and my hair grew A LOT. I decided to go back to relaxing because I realized I wear my hair stretched and straight at the roots more than anything. I just recently trimmed in layers. I do use the blower on my hair once weekly. But I only blow the roots. And she uses it in short spurts. The blower is used mainly when I am nearing my 2-3 month mark where my roots began to get unruly. She also blows with a rat tail comb, not a brush. I alternate and use Tressemme Heat Tamer Spray and Bio Silk Silk Therapy on my hair when I blow the roots. I pre-poo, and by this I think it means DC’ing with a sulfate free/paraben free deep conditioner. Once a month I prepoo with protein conditioner, the rest of the weeks, I am prepooing with a deep moisturizing condtioner. I sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet each night, and I seal my hair with coconut and jojoba oil often. I just realized that my ends tend to split more in the winter because it’s dry as I wear my hair out almost every day. What can I do to protect my ends more? Will this help my growth?

    • 30

      Hi BellaDonna. Sorry for the delay in responding, your comment seems to have got lost in the system somehow! lol

      Anyway in your case your regimen sounds pretty good to me, you are stretching your relaxers and it sounds like your moisture protein balance is good too. You sound like you already know what the problem is, wearing your hair out too often!

      Might I suggest that you wear it out in the summer when it’s humid and keep your ends tucked under in the winter. It really is a matter of finding a protective style that you don’t mind wearing for days on end be it a classic bun or other updo style.

      Updo’s have the added benefit of being low maintenance and comb free for the most part so you will benefit from the reduced manipulation along with the reduced splits. Trim your splits (search and destroy method) to avoid them traveling further up the hair shaft and make use of the split end remedy serums. They don’t so much fix split ends but over time they do actually reduce their occurrence. Good luck!

  15. 31
    PattyCakes says:

    I have a sew-in now but I can’t wait to try the tips listed on this site! Thanks Alma, you’re a hair extraordinaire! <3

  16. 33
    PattyCakes says:

    Question: What are some good (inexpensive) oil-free hair lotions?

    • 34

      Well, I’m not as much into oil-free as I once was TBH but I remember using Motions oil free lotion (it uses silicone as the sealant which may or may not agree with your hair so be warned) and I still use copious amounts of s curl during the warmer months. I remember my relaxed hair being super soft with s curl so you may want to try that first :)

  17. 36

    I have severe breakage in the back of my head it was LONG which was annoying so i kept it in a pony tail – or racked thru it with the comb as my arms got tired combing thru – any who now my middle back of my hair is gone – the sides are still long which actually works for me because i will have the style i love that funky bob with the short back and long front MY question is should i be shampooing weekly or every two wks — i just got the jamaican castor oil 2 wks ago and my hair is already growing… I think i over moisturized the back also because that hair was brittle/hard the new growth — i am doing the ghe method well today will be day two – as i did it last night for 4 hrs and it was GREAT my hair is so soft and moisturized now so i DONT want to wash it today woudl be my weekly wash day… I dont plan to cut the rest of my hair i plan to have that section grow back in by march i only need like 3 mimimum inches in the back to pull of that style -lol – but i over moisturized then it was all on my rug did not REALIZE i need so much MORE protein now i am doing that everytime i wash THEN moisture!! Also very glad i found this site i LOVE hair and doing it and have always been but once i startted GOING to get it done after college it has been problematic so i decided to start doing it myself again which to me is a fun hobby… Thanks for the info

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