Stretch 4c Hair With Flexi Rods Tutorial

Stretch 4c Hair With Flexi Rods Tutorial

I often talk about the importance of keeping your natural hair stretched for length retention here on BHI. Keeping your hair stretched, particularly if you have type 4 hair that doesn’t clump and tends to coil and curl around itself is important for preventing single strand knots which then subsequently cause breakage.

Flexi rod sets are an excellent way to stretch your hair. Even though they don’t stretch your hair straight, they do introduce a more elongated curl to your hair which stretches it out.

This along with the fact that curly sets when done with a reasonable amount of tension can really bring out your hair’s natural shine, they are a great heat free styling choice for type 4 naturalistas.

A word of warning though, flexi rod or perm rod sets tend to take a while to style so unless you have the time, this won’t be easy to do every week. For special occasions however, knock yourself out.

This one is another fabulous hairstyle by YouTuber naturalhairnskincare. In this one she shares a flexi rod set on mid length natural 4c hair.

See the tutorial here


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  • Twa Rivers

    I do braid my hair once a week after washing and put perm rods at the end. I have really good results with little to no tangling and knotting.

  • Indria Stillstriving Harper

    Very nice

  • Alexis Moffitt

    I need to try this

  • Lakisha Thompson

    Love it!

  • Rhonda Thomas

    My hair will NOT do this. Only ECO and curly pudding for my 4c/4b hair.:)

  • Lynda Landzeh

    i think i’ll try this!! it’s so cute!!

    • Lynda Landzeh

      yeah i can do that… when i do it imma show you the results

  • Gina Mangum

    I love this!!!

  • Kayoka Hale


  • Eugenie Dorder

    Love iT

  • Mccardlige Bertin

    im about to try this in my hair right now

  • ArketaDmario Esther

    need a video of this wondering how u got the hair to saty twisted

  • Isabelle Johnson

    I will try on my daughter that’s cute

  • Kelly N Manick


  • Juanita Shamily- Young

    I have been wearing this style for 6yrs.

  • Felicia Ford

    I have a hard time with these but it always makes others hair look good.

  • B’Neen Highheeldiva

    This is my go to style when I don’t have braids. It can last for a week. I just use my fingers to style it.

    • Lana Blackman

      can you say what products are used to accomplish this style before putting the rods in? thanks

  • TeeSha Lil’Angel

    gaaaaaars on dirai tchek pelouse bien fournie

  • Rawanda Gibbons


  • Elsie Chinky Dìaz

    What’s 4c hair and can someone tell me how do i determine what type of hair I have??

    • Laci Youngblood

      There is three types of hair wavy curly and kinky 4b & 4c is the kinky 3b/c is curly 2b/c is wavy u can pull one strand of hair put it on a flat surfice and see ur naturl curl if u dont have chemicals in your. Hair u can also google this and find more info or google images nd thatll help

    • Laci Youngblood

      Hope that helps

    • Elsie Chinky Dìaz

      Yes thank u so very much!

  • Tiffany R. Lively

    Beautiful curls!

  • Pamela Thigpen

    What do you use to set the curls with

  • Georgiana Gray

    I might try that, I like that look.

  • Twyla West

    Do you let this air dry or sit under a dryer?

  • Annimore Gardiner-francis

    What product goes well with this ?

  • Keosha Ware

    What’s natural cream n how u make it

  • Tamisha Jordan


  • Tonya Woods

    Love these curls! I will definitely look at the video!

  • Shayla Middlebrooks

    That’s what I need for my nappy ass hair

  • Idriss Munyutu

    i just wnat to see …

  • Guynelle McEntire


  • B’Neen Highheeldiva

    Setting lotion (a lot), Shea moistures style milk and a little curling soufflé. You’ll need a sray bottle of water.

  • Krystal Jimerson

    WOW! Great transition!

  • Kelly Hall

    I am sooo doing this!

  • Miranda O’Neil-Brown

    Love this!

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