Products That Naturals Wish Someone Would Invent Already!

Beautiful African American woman with a big curly afroHow many times have you seen a simple invention and slapped yourself silly in your head thinking, dang I could have invented that!

Well don’t say we don’t ever give you any ideas that could potentially make you rich, maybe!

Here are some products naturals wish somebody, anybody would just invent already!

A Large Turbie Twist

A Turbie Twist is a neat little towel device that can be used to cover the hair to get rid of excess water or to cover your plastic cap during a long deep conditioning session.

Usually the Turbie twist comes in a one size fits all but the truth is most of us naturals have a ton of hair, so having a Turbie Twist that comes in size XL, or XXL would be an awesome idea don’t you think?

A larger option would ensure that none of your deep conditioner concoction leaks at night when doing an overnight deep condition, and when removing excess water, all of your hair is adequately covered.

A Cool-Air Only Hairdryer

This is totally easy to make, I mean why haven’t they thought about it? Granted drying would take longer but the benefits of cool air drying would be well worth it, don’t you think? Honestly a cool-air only hairdryer would kind of be like air drying your hair on speed which is very healthy.

Pump Options In Product Packages

This might not be an invention so much as a convenient addition to a product packages. Jars and bottles with caps are cool, but sometimes when in the shower with water in your eyes it would be great to just quickly pump some product in the palm of your hand and apply.

They could even build the cost of the pump into the price of the package, I am pretty sure many naturals wouldn’t mind paying for the convenience.

Shrinkage Reducing Creams That Actually Work

For once put your money where your mouth is, it is not enough to build an entire commercial campaign based on false claims about reducing shrinkage when the truth is you have to braid or twist the hair with the cream to achieve elongation. Seems to me we could have done that with any quality cream.

How many of us lament that our hair never looks the same dry as when wet? And even though we adore our curls, it would be great to show the length we have been working on for years without resorting to heat. So if it is at all possible to have a cream that reduces shrinkage then by golly lets see it!

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  • Kay

    I second the extra large caps. And I’d like to add a cap that doesn’t leak. I know that sounds weird, but it drives me absolutely batty when I’m deep conditioning and water is dripping down my neck. Maybe they could vacuum seal the edges or add some type of vaporization system lol

    • Princesspatra

      lol @ vacuum seal. But you have a point. I hate my henna especially dripping down my neck and I stopped doing the overnight ones because they were just ruining my pillows! Also it’s got to be better for the environment to create sturdier conditioning caps. These paper thin ones that last just one session are really wasteful.

  • Misskthpriss

    Hmm, they hands free portable breast pumps…seems like a mobile dryer would be easy compared to that!

    • Alma


  • Angela Land

    pump options in product packages…
    this would really be a big help and not too expensive to do!

    • Petra

      yup!..not sure why no-one has ever offered it

  • cwansley

    My Ion hooded drier has a “cool” setting. So that air drying quickly hasn’t been a problem. I’ve had it so long but I think I got it at Wal-Mart or Sally’s. It’s pink and white. I think it’s ConAir or something.

  • Carrolina Rep

    Love this!! we make longer or larger silk caps, we are in the process of doing long and large plastic caps for sure because it def. is a neccessity specially when deep conditioning under the dryer :)

  • Mary Chege

    not to bust your bubble but, I know of a hair stylist with a cool air hairdrier heeeeyyyyy!!!!!! I have a feeling they no longer make that brand because it seems like an old model, truth is even on a second setting, the heat is not that much. I think the hairdriers today only concentrate on the level of heat where even on the first setting the heat is too much for natural hair lol

  • Jenn Best

    Cool air hair dryer