How To Find A Regimen To Grow Black Hair To Its Full Potential

How To Find A Regimen To Grow Your Hair To Its Full Potential
Find out what works for you and what doesn’t in your journey to longer healthier hair

In this world of instant gratification, the 6 inches per year average rate of human hair growth is almost too slow to bear for some people.

Some products try to fill that gap by offering us hair growth vitamins, oils and potions which claim to double the hair growth but in reality have little effect and invariably lead to disappointment.

Growing your hair is a process but it doesn’t have to be long and tedious. It can be an enjoyable learning journey.

The first thing in your journey is to find a suitable hair regimen. This is a routine of how you plan to take care of your hair on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to get the health and length you want.

The regimen has to be based on your hair type as different hair types have different needs. The regimen should also accommodate the current state of your hair.

The next thing is to tweak your regimen removing processes or products that do not agree with your hair and adding anything that you have tried and loved.

There is no one-size-fits-all regimen that will guarantee you success as your hair has different needs at different times of the year.

The most important step is to stick with it!! Hair and especially black hair which tends to be dry and prone to breakage is very fragile. Religiously taking care of it for a few months then forgetting your hair care can set you back months in your progress so it is important to set yourself achievable goals.

There is little point saying that you will wash and deep condition your hair daily as this is impractical and difficult to keep up over the long term. A regimen that is more suited to your lifestyle and also maintains the best level of care for your hair is best.

Building a regimen simply involves you making a decision on a few things:

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