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hair tonic

How to Make Your Own Hair Tonic for Growth, Health And Shine

There’s nothing new under the sun, but when it comes to the world of au naturale, you find lots of little surprises where you least expect them. One of the delights that I’ve found is in the the world of herbs. They have sooo many great uses, internally and externally. I do recommend that you Click to continue…

woman at a salon

The Top 3 Times You Should Go To A Salon

I know when I first started my hair journey, I was going from having someone always doing my hair, to having to learn about it myself. Even though it was a little scary at first, I took the time to learn about my hair. What most naturals don’t realize though, is that even though we Click to continue…

woman saving money

Is Your Hair Care Regimen Too Expensive? 4 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Hair Care

So you quit going to the salon and started doing your own hair with the thought that you might actually save more money than you ever have before. But then you look at your bank statement at the end of the month and realize that you still spend way too much money on your hair! Click to continue…


natural hair

How To Speed Up Growth With An All-Natural Transition Kit

What can I say? I am a nutcase when it comes to using things in my hair that are truly all-natural. I personally can’t accept certain ingredients being placed into my hair, like synthetic vitamins (like vitamin E aka Tocopherol), emulsifiers (made with chemicals like polysorbates) and preservatives that are also made with chemically-made ingredients Click to continue…


black hair care

3 Quirky Things That We Have Noticed About the Natural Hair Community

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are certain little nuances within the natural hair community that are just absolutely funny. Then there are those things that are a little questionable, those things that cause people to pause and go “Wait, what?” Here are three of the quirky things about the natural hair community that Click to continue…

hair jewelery

How To Wear Hair Jewelry On Natural Hair

Girl I just got my life with this video because hair jewelry is everything to me, but I have been too scared to rock it. Why? My hair is super duper fine and if any of those pointy parts got stuck in my hair it would be almost impossible to untangle my hair without snapping Click to continue…

Our hair history

Our Hair History – A Video Tracing The Evolution Of Black Hair Through The Ages

Ladies whenever we have a great find we have to share it. You all know and love Youtuber Chime Edwards right? Well if you have not seen her video where she went through in detail the history of black hair, please read this post and watch it below. We have tackled hair history before, we Click to continue…


Woman with long afro hair

So you are interested in beginning your journey to healthy long locks?

Wonderful! Let me put your mind at ease straight away by stating categorically that your hair CAN grow long regardless of your genetic makeup or hair texture.

There are lots of different ways you can approach hair growth and length retention and this website will provide you with a systematic approach in your healthy hair journey which will give you consistent results in the long run.

From the most fragile relaxed hair to the kinkiest coarse natural hair, I will show you step by step what you need to do grow your hair long.

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Box Braids Answered

    We love box braids, and so do all of you. Recently we have had a boat load of questions about them so we decided to answer in a bit of a blog style FAQ. So with that said, here are the most frequently asked questions we get about box braids: 1. Should I get box Click to continue…


    The Pros And Cons Of Long Term Protective Styling

    I think that next to moisturizing, we can all safely say that protective styling is one of the golden rules in the healthy hair care world. With exceptions, there are many women who credit protective styling, especially long term protective styling, with retaining length. But with many things there are pros and cons, and long Click to continue…


    6 Reasons You Should Include Wigs Into Your Protective Style Regimen

    Is that your real hair or a wig? It’s a question I get daily and one of my best kept secrets (except from you guys of course). When I first started my journey, I was completely against wigs, weaves or anything of that matter that was not my real hair. Of course, the progress of Click to continue…



    The Harmful Effects Of Relaxers – A Critical Look And My Own Experience

    Our girl Chime Edwards has been on a real educational kick lately and her latest video is about some of the harmful effects of relaxers. She makes a note to say that her video is in no way intended to bash women who use relaxers but basically to give you more awareness on what we might Click to continue…

    woman with dark skin

    “I Probably Would Have Kept My Relaxed Hair If It Was Not Breaking” – What My Friend Taught Me

    Back in 2007 I had a friend who decided to go natural because of thinning hair and her inability to retain length past her shoulders. I witnessed her big chop, and all her frustrations that accompanied it. Like me, she had shoulder length relaxed hair and transitioned for a period of eight months. She swore Click to continue…


    Finally A Twist Out For Relaxed Hair!

    Don’t get me wrong I love my relaxed hair, so much so that I decided to switch back from texlaxed, but sometimes I feel a little left out when it comes to protective styling–with braidouts and twistouts specifically. It seems as though you have to have to perfect formula in order to get a well Click to continue…


    4C Natural Hair

    5 Cliche Things Women With Long 4C Natural Hair Always Say That We Really Need To Pay Attention To

    If you have 4C natural hair then the possibility of growing your hair long has probably crossed your mind a couple of times. It is often difficult for women with highly textured and kinky hair to think they could achieve long healthy hair because we are often told that ‘black hair’ cannot grow. We know Click to continue…

    curly hair

    Does Your Hair Grow Unevenly? The Causes And How To Combat It

    If you are in the hair growing business and you have curly hair, you might notice that one side of your hair is longer than the other, and you might wonder why and what you could possibly be doing to cause it. At first thought you might say that it must be based on bad Click to continue…


    4 Easy Smoothie Recipes for Naturally Healthy Growing Hair

    Whether you’re still growing out your TWA or trying to maintain your new-found natural kinks, coils and curls, drinking daily smoothies is a must for your daily regimen. If you haven’t already, you should look for ways to improve your diet, so that your hair can benefit from the nutrition it provides. When you have Click to continue…



    Amandla Stenberg Turns Her Grey Box Braids Into a Box Braid, ‘Braid Out’

    Have you ever seen something and thought, now that is so simple, why didn’t I think of that? Box braids are huge this Summer, everyone is wearing them from celebrities like Amandla Senberg to you and I trying to navigate this Summer hair fuss free. Recently I saw a style done by Hunger Games actress Click to continue…

    Selma director Ava DuVernay

    Man Facing Charges After Touching Oscar Nominated Director Ava DuVernay’s Hair

    Wasn’t it just a week ago I told ya’ll that it is not polite to touch another person’s hair? Well apparently this guy did not get the memo and another celebrity has taken to Twitter to express her frustrations. Recently Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay was not very pleased about what happened to her while waiting Click to continue…

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