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Why Does Cutting Our Hair Mean So Much More Than Just Cutting Our Hair?

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” -Coco Chanel Today I watched yet another video of a young lady who did a big chop on her birthday after being on a ‘growth’ and ‘hair care’ journey for a few years. The one thing that each woman says regardless of any Click to continue…

10 Things That Only Women Who Wear Wigs Understand

You know how things are when you start wearing wigs, it’s almost like you get a whole new set of benefits and sometimes you can get a whole new set of problems as well. Either way if you have a chat with a friend who also wears wigs, chances are you will find that you Click to continue…

What Are The Best Products To Use For Lost Edges?

We get this question all the time! Hair loss is a big deal. Just this week we published a post of women who have given up on getting their edges back and have decided to go to the extreme of tattooing edges on to their hair line. As ridiculous as that sounds it speaks to Click to continue…


10 Things to Cross Off Your List When Transitioning To Natural Hair

So you’ve decided to give this natural hair thing a try. Congratulations and welcome to the other side! Transitioning to natural hair is such an exciting journey that should be enjoyed! To make sure that you enjoy your transitioning journey, here are 10 things you should consider when deciding to transition to natural hair. 1. Click to continue…


My Co-Worker Asked Me If I Was In Witness Protection Because I Change My Hair Styles Often

The other day at work as I was sitting at my desk doing my job, one of my coworkers came into my office to shoot the breeze. I already had two of my supervisors in the office and they all started sparking up with normal work gossip. I typically do not like to engage in Click to continue…

My Graduate School Professor Made Me Feel Bad About My Natural Hair

When I decided to go natural, I transitioned under protective styles for about 7 months, and then finally just decided to do the big chop. My family wasn’t a huge fan of my short afro, but by this point I had pretty tough skin, so their comments didn’t really bother me. However, what did bother Click to continue…

Get Your Tiny 4C Curls To Pop Using Finger-Combing And Maximum Hydration

Most naturals who fall in the 4A-4C category long for a head full of plush, springy curls. Those especially in the 4C and even the elusive 4Z category are convinced that their curls are just nonexistent. I have news for you sisters, there is no such thing as “no texture”. Everyone has a curl pattern, Click to continue…


Woman with long afro hair

So you are interested in beginning your journey to healthy long locks?

Wonderful! Let me put your mind at ease straight away by stating categorically that your hair CAN grow long regardless of your genetic makeup or hair texture.

There are lots of different ways you can approach hair growth and length retention and this website will provide you with a systematic approach in your healthy hair journey which will give you consistent results in the long run.

From the most fragile relaxed hair to the kinkiest coarse natural hair, I will show you step by step what you need to do grow your hair long.

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    One Of My Biggest Regrets Is Relaxing My 5yr Old Niece’s Hair

    One of the biggest debates among black hair is whether relaxing a child’s hair is considered to be ok. For me, I personally had my hair first relaxed when I was 5 years old. I was enrolled in a dance company and had a photo session one day and the recital the next. While my mother Click to continue…

    How Soon Is Too Soon To Relax Your Daughter’s Hair?

    So, the other day I was having a conversation with my mom and my sister about some of the decisions that my mom made concerning our hair. My sister is 5 years older than me, so for as long as I can remember, my sister’s hair has always been permed. I, on the other hand, Click to continue…

    Is Olaplex The Future Of Healthy Colored Or Chemically Treated Hair?

    Like many of you we are always on the hunt for something new and innovative to keep our strands healthy. Our search for something new never comes up empty handed as scientists are always in the lab developing something that they hope we would be willing to buy. The other day I came across a Click to continue…

    Our Top Tips To Relaxing Or Texlaxing Your Hair At Home Like A Professional

    As a professional hairdresser; I do not think children’s hair should be relaxed but this is my very personal opinion. My mother was adamant about not relaxing my hair; in fact I didn’t get my first relaxer until I was sixteen years old. Did I want a relaxer as a child? Absolutely but by the Click to continue…

    What Is Texlaxing And Is It For You?

    We have had a few questions about Texlaxing over the last couple of weeks, many of which surround what it is and whether you should do it. Texlaxing is simply deliberately under processing your natural or relaxed hair, this is different from using a texurizer which in layman terms is pretty much a mild form Click to continue…


    4 Vitamins You May Need If You’re Experiencing Hair Loss

      You have probably tried every product recommended that’s supposed to prevent or combat hair loss. Hair loss can be a scary and annoying thing and it doesn’t always mean you are neglecting your hair. It could very well be your body telling you some things about what you are missing to keep everything, including Click to continue…

    My 10 Secrets To That Mega Hair Growth Life!

    We all desire long healthy natural hair right? If so this article is for you. I have read many articles and heard lots of tips on how to grow our hair out super long and I always learn something new! I hope not to only inspire you to incorporate healthy hair practices but a healthy Click to continue…

    Everything You Need To Know About Ginseng For Hair Growth

    We know of all the things we use to aid us in attaining our goal of healthy hair, nature provides the best bounty. We have looked at a number of super foods, herbs and natural oils that never fail to deliver and now we are going to focus on another one; ginseng. This post will Click to continue…

    Rosemary Is Great For Hair Growth Here Are 5 Ways To Use It!

    Whether you are one who is struggling with hair loss or just wanting to continually grow your tresses there are always natural approaches. One is through use of the herb, Rosemary. Rosemary is a pretty common herb and is easily accessible. It is a fragrant evergreen and has needle-like leaves with white, pink, purple, or Click to continue…

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