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5 Things Every Guy Should Know When Dating A Naturalista

No matter how you slice it, us natural girls have our own ways of doing things and we are pretty set in them. This list is for the guy who might be used to a woman with straight hair, maybe a perm or a weave, and who might need a little help navigating that natural Click to continue…


3 Reasons You Should Get A Cute Natural Hair Shape Up For The New Year

I told you how great it was the last time I got a trim right? I swore after that I would never ever let my hair go that long without some scissors again. Not only is it healthy to trim your ends but you will love how great blunt clean ends feel and how much Click to continue…


4 Tips For Preserving Your Protective Style

Protective styling is one of the best ways to help grow and retain long, healthy natural hair. Protective styling is also great if you want to manipulate and style your own hair less, like during the summer months or when you may be busy with other responsibilities. Even though protective styling keeps your hair out Click to continue…


5 Hair Tools That Are Vital In Your Hair Care Arsenal

The other day my mom decided that it was time to clean out her beloved closet. Now, when it comes to clothes she is a serious hoarder and has even started creeping into the guest bedroom closet and mine since I am away at school. I knew this would be a daunting task that would Click to continue…


Transitioning hair

4 Quick Tips For A Newbie Transitioner

  Even though I am not transitioning I love seeing information on transitioning and any tips someone might have because I remember how hard it was for me and how much I needed  just anything to get me through the hard parts. The best person to learn about transitioning is from a transitioner herself and Click to continue…

Big chop now what

BIG CHOP! Now What?

  I still remember the night I big chopped like it was yesterday. All my relaxed hair (the only hair I knew) was in my sink. A bald headed girl stared back at me in mirror and confusion set in. I literally looked like a 12 year old and my confidence was in the sink Click to continue…


Woman with long afro hair

So you are interested in beginning your journey to healthy long locks?

Wonderful! Let me put your mind at ease straight away by stating categorically that your hair CAN grow long regardless of your genetic makeup or hair texture.

There are lots of different ways you can approach hair growth and length retention and this website will provide you with a systematic approach in your healthy hair journey which will give you consistent results in the long run.

From the most fragile relaxed hair to the kinkiest coarse natural hair, I will show you step by step what you need to do grow your hair long.

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The Hair Type Chart

The Hair Type Chart – Discover Your Hair Type

Embed Code: Share the graphic on your website!  From BlackHairInformation.com What is your hair type? So, you have the letter part of the grade which goes as follows: The letter A would be a looser curl pattern. The letter B is a little more defined and the letter C is the tightest curl pattern of Click to continue…

Do you have 4-11 hours to care for natural hair every week

Do You Have 4 -11 Hours To Care For Natural Hair Every Week?

Do you dream of having long flowing drool worthy natural hair? Most of us do and some of us can gladly say that we have achieved it. I am here to tell you that waist length hair even hip length hair is very achievable and if you make it there, you will have a lot Click to continue…

Cold Showers Can Help To Reduce Hair Shedding And Increase Hair Growth

A Cold Shower Can Help To Reduce Hair Shedding and Increase Hair Growth

I know what you are going to say: that’s ridiculous; my hair is falling out, and all you have to say to me is to go take a cold shower?? Excessive shedding is no joke. It’s not some random unseen phenomenon, it is your hair literally laying there on the bathroom floor and you not knowing what on Click to continue…

How to re-grow your edges hairline

Three Tips to Revive Those Thinning Edges

You can have a head full of hair, and have no edges whatsoever. It is depressing, I know, but the good news is, you can recover from it. Many things can cause edges to thin: scratching in that area, combing/brushing roughly, tight hairstyles, and even wigs. We know you need answers fast so say no more. Click to continue…



    Installing Box Braids And Twists On Your TWA Could Be Very Damaging

    If you have done the big chop and are now sporting a TWA we are pretty sure some questions have come up for you concerning getting braids or twists for protective styling or just for the style itself. These styles are very possible to achieve but there are some concerns when doing those styles on Click to continue…


    4 Different Ways to Rock And Accessorize Your TWA

    Sometimes the TWA (teeny weeny afro) can get a little boring. You began to feel – not so like woman, but boyish and lifeless, and then the regret of even cutting your hair creeps upon you like a thief in the night. You ask yourself:“What was I thinking?” Well, we are here to tell you Click to continue…


    3 Hairstyles You Can Use To Blend Your Hair While Transitioning

    Are you transitioning? Well if you are then you have come to the right place. One of the things that we tend to worry about especially during a long term transition is styling. Specifically what styles you can use to blend your natural growing hair with your relaxed ends. Personally I prefer to try no Click to continue…


    How To: 2 Ways To Create Crochet Wigs

    If you’ve been looking around Instagram and Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen a couple ladies rocking crochet braids. Crochet braids are an excellent protective style and they’re another alternative to a typical glue in or sew in weave. However, there are girls out there like myself that don’t have the time nor patience to sit Click to continue…



    In Touch Weekly Published A Comparison Between Solange Knowles And A Dog

    The above picture has been circulating all over social media and alot of people are pretty pissed about it. The people at In Touch Weekly thought it would be cute to publish a comparison between Solange Knowles and a Yorki poodle named Jackie. Some may call us super sensitive, I mean the dog is cute Click to continue…


    Rihanna And Beyonce Debut New Hair On Instagram

    Source Rihanna took to instagram early this morning and was clearly showing off her new hair which really had everyone buzzing. This style is  much different from her last style we saw at her Annual Diamond Ball Event, where she had dark black hair sleeked neatly into a long ponytail. This time she went for Click to continue…


    Gabrielle Union Says Her Hair Fell Out After Her Blonde Hair Stint In The Movie Top Five

    Gabriel Union made an alarming confession the other day, she said that when she filmed the hit movie Top Five where she played Chris Rock’s reality star girlfriend, her hair fell out. I say that it is surprising because I did not think she would bleach her own hair for a movie. In this day Click to continue…